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(The title seems like one of those post advertising tourist transpo companies, but i assure you that this is unpaid for post lol)

I was standing on an outpost near the city exit road yesterday waiting for the only multicab that will bring me back home (about half hour from El Nido). The driver asked us passengers in advance if we’ll be taking the back and forth trip, to which i said yes.

Fortunately my task at the town was done early so have a bit of time to walk around and eat some kwek-kwek (quail’s eggs coated with orange breading, which one can be eaten with spicy vinegar) before heading back for transpo.

The cloud is turning darker ominiously and i felt as it begun to drizzle, which turned into a full blast shower. I made sure all the zipper of my canvass bag was closed tight to prevent my things from having an unexpected swim inside.

Then someone approached me (a caucasian tourist), asking directions on how to obtain a bus ticket. My mistake is i just pointed at the small gate of the bus company compound, so he can ask for the bus schedule. I guess explaining the intricasies of our provincial transportation in the middle of pouring rain, with him half way crossing the road is not really a good social strategem 😂😂😂.

I said the schedule, and not the specific “how to get a bus ticket” as you don’t really have to get bus tickets here in advance. You just go to the terminal here (Bgy Corong-corong) and choose which bus (air conditioned and non-air conditioned) you fancy to board going to the city or some general points of Northern Palawan Highways and which sched is compatible with your time of departure from El Nido.

It is different if you want to ride the much cooler and slightly faster shuttle van (about 2 hours faster than the public transpo.)

Bus Pros:

– Stops in between municipalities, which allows you to get your  breakfast, lunch or dinner along the way while enjoying a glimpse of each municipalities where you can take a token picture.

-Amazing view
-Cool bus selfie! (and upload it using the free wifi aboard)
-Free Movies
-Give you the “i’m a cool traveller” feel.
– Cheaper at P350 (non-air conditioned) P400 (air conditioned) per person fare from El Nido to Puerto Princesa City.

Bus Cons:

– It can only work if your visit schedule is not time-constraint. Though there isn’t much time difference compared to shuttle van.

Shuttle Van Pros:

– Comfort (Aircon and much softer seats, i guess?)
-Every passenger is priority (they’ll wait for you and you can even request to drop you off to your Inn or Hotel)

Shuttle Cons:

– A bit expensive at P500 per person fare from El Nido to Puerto Princesa City.

There you have it, my good peeps.

Maximize your travel and enjoy every second of it.

Look for unexplored angle, the road less travelled, create you own path but also trust google map lol If there’s no existing path, i think it’s better to wait for others so at least you will not go alone, in case it’s a creek ahead, or worse a deep, dark cave. 😂😂😂


The world-famous Limestone Cliffs of El Nido


Carpe Diem!💓

(Photo Credits: huffingtonpost.com


Your Island Girl

The Trip

(Spoiler: Due to super slow connection, this post is three weeks overdue 😂)

Feeling drowsy and a bit dizzy at 2pm. Had a long trip the other night to spend  the holidays at my hometown. After 5 years, i am feeling a mixed of excitement, Anticipation and a bit of fear for what memories i may find left and waiting for me there(cheesey, i know😂). I broke my eyeglasses as i hurriedly picked up my bags so the sceneries illuminated by a faint moonlight was a bit of blur for me, except for the flickering lights of houses decorated for christmas as we passed municipality by municipalities. The symbolism is not lost on my wandering thoughts which seeks to find only the light in the ever dizzying changes of the world.

But all the emotions was easily overruled by pure happiness and comforting thoughts seeing the majestic outline of limestone cliffs of El Nido from a distance.

We have to wait for transpo (motorcycle fitted with a side metal cargo container originally designed for transport of fish, rice and even live pigs to be delivered to town, now with a piece of wood to serve as seats). So, along with two containers of water, and fish storage ice chest (empty), we made our way into tree-lined streets, stretch of ricefields and tiny huts with smokes rising on the nipa roof, while carabaos chewing their lunch  seems the only moving things in the midst of the afternoon.

The landscape is as beautiful, serene and calm as i remembered it during the many trips i had while attending high school in town, but it seems quiter now that i live in the buzzing city. Few motorists nods at us and seems very eager to give way.

We reached my aunt’s house at 1pm, and just looking at the sea makes me feel warm, a deep sense of familiarity and comfort filled me. And then i am ready for lunch of a variety of fresh fish and steaming rice.

Took a quick shower and immediately fell into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up in the sounds of boats passing the river, while yellowish light of sunset  passed through the thin curtain. I look out the huge window and saw a boat passing under the high wooden bridge beside my aunt’s house. I can’t resist taking a picture and decided to climb and take some more at the top. But i was overwhelmed and felt lightheaded the higher i got. I’ve decided to give it a rest and just took in the surrounding.

(The connection is really slow but i hope i can upload more pictures soon.)

Love, your Island Girl



“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile”.~  Franklin P. Jones

I was standing at the front of the merry-go-round ticket booth for about 15 minutes, trying to decide if i am brave enough now to repeat the ride i had with my officemates and a friend a year ago.


I looked up at the swirling lights, mesmerized by the dazzling multi-colored star rolling up and down, the screams of people inside each of the compartment as the circle reached each quarter turns do little to convince me to ride again, reminding me of that overwhelming feeling, which starts from my toes to my stomach.

I turned my back on it, but it took only 5 minutes before i was walking to get a ticket, decided i have to do it, in defiance to my worries and fears. But before i reached the window, a japanese couple got there first, looking excited and seemingly unaware of their surroundings as they happily await for their turn at the ride, holding hands, and sipping shake from each other’s plastic cups.


The cashier ran out of change, and have to go ask for some at the nearby kiddie duck ride, as i stand transfixed at each of the compartment come to view and seemingly dissapear in a blur as the machine turned faster and faster. I’ve finally decided i am too full with streetfoods for the ride. I proceeded towards the music.

The night sea breeze felt awesome as i tried to find my way at the crowded area near the stage to watch the cultural presentation. Costumed performers sat waiting at a makeshift dressing room near the back.


I bought a shake at the little shack, looking at all the toppings you can choose, from marshmallows, Nips to sprinklers and rice munchies, which was be topped by a swirl of chocolate. The burst of sweetness and cold in my mouth jerked me from a dream-like state of being surrounded by light and the cold wind.


A couple make faces and took a selfie beside the large christmas tree, the lights illuminating their faces and their clothes, giving them a yellowish-red glow. They checked the pictures and they laughed together.



I moved towards the food stores, the aroma from motley display of grilled seafoods that will be soon someone’s dinner caught my my attention. I snapped a pic and moved on to the next stall before
i added lots of inches to my already not-so svelte waistline.


I had last 3 pieces of kwek-kwek (boiled quails egg in orange batter, deep fried) before heading home.

On the way home, I chatted someone on messenger and told him i wished he was there with me. 😉 Would be nice to take selfies together under the huge christmas tree and ride the merry-go-round too. 💕 Maybe i’ve just seen a lot of love around tonight. 😉

Love, your Island Girl

Sunny With A Chance of Pizza


“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal. ~ Paulo Coelho

This has been a very long exciting day (compared to my routine “normal” days.)  It was divided into a lot of mini trips on the side in a bright sunny day at the back of a pick-up (work-related), watching the ongoing APEC summit (during lunch break and after-office hours) + one good deed (my first favorite part of the day).  Then it was all topped off by dinner with friends (which i considered as a kind of reward for myself and my second favorite). No wonder i feel exhausted but sleepless at midnight,  excitement is taking time to wear off. And my nerves aren’t what they used to be. 
I’m a huge fan of all easy, laid back and romantic cafes where you can just put up your feet,  let down your hair,  spend the after-office hours either alone reading a book and reflecting on your day or with friends chatting while sipping coffee or eating cakes and ice cream or munching pizza.

Speaking of pizza, there’s some good flavors and taste Puerto Princesa can offer for pizza lovers in settings where you can just let your stress and worries fade away, even for a while.

I always passed it but i’ve no idea how cozy the place was until yesterday, while dropping by to picked my officemate J waiting to buy pizza for work. She ordered cheesecake while waiting and offered Ate K and me a bite,  which for my unseasoned tastebud, taste more than excellent.😁 The occupants of the next table was just getting ready to leave,  and i wanted to take a snap of the attractive mess in their table as soon as they’re out of the door. I zoomed in on the green bottle containing water and the base with pink and yellow flower when something caught our attention: Iphone S6 just lying quietly and blending with the black and white tablecloth.

We rushed to the door and caught them just as they’re trying to flag down a tricycle and told them they forgot their phone on the table and got a triple thank you👼. 🙂 I hope they’ll never it again. Losing a phone is such a huge pain in the #$&@.😂


McCoy’s is located beside the national highway, Barangay San Miguel, right at the heart of the city, but once you get inside, the noise was drowned by the warmth of the place.  Though the place is small, the seats is so inviting you might just want to lay down and hugs the pillow on the corner. 



A variety of heavenly cakes are displayed on the glass case for Php90 per each thick delictable slices.





In keeping up with the laid back vibe of the place, the hand painted menu was hanged at the side of the counter while sauces, condiments and coffee cups were also on the nook under it.


We had Pitsang Sosyal at Php320 (18″)


Beefy and Mushroom at Php352


and Beefy Beef Php363


Beef and Mushroom has really lots of cheese and became my instant favorite, ( but i had maybe 3 slices of each,  just to be fair. ) 😂😁:mrgreen:😆:)😅;)

Busy days are good. Just don’t forget to take a breather after each one.

I hope you are having a good week. I’m off early to take my own advice above and maybe some cake too… hehe

Magandang Gabi!

Love, your Island Girl

Between the Shores of Our Souls


“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow”. ~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

The gentle breeze touching the calm waters, clouds reflecting and seemingly moving on the silent deep. A solitary white bird flew across the horizon as a small boat changed course. Standing on the whitewashed watch post,  the sea looked serene. A tiny orange crab moved cautiously at the edge of water-marked seawalls, looking at a floating leaf…

I lean at the post and took in the white-blue-grey sky as I felt the gentle rippling of my hair against the  salty wind. I closed my eyes, and immediately felt an encompassing quite within. My thoughts slowly drifted away, my heart took a steady rhythm. I’m on the edge of a pleasant dreams where everything looks blue…

A car honked at a distance and I was jolted back into present.  The blue haze of my dream faded away and I was whisked into reality.

It’s Monday. And lunch break is over.  Table full of work awaits…

I hope you have a beautiful and productive Monday, wherever you are.  🙂 and don’t let whatever the day has to offer overwhelm you.  No matter how busy you get, save a minute for dreams. 💭🍀🌹🌼🌻🌸☁🌈

Love, your Island Girl

The Light of Luna


“Ang taong may damdamin ay hindi alipin”. – Heneral Antonio Luna

~Its raining outside, lightning breaks the far horizon while thunder echoed through the monotonous sound of the falling heavy september rain outside with no hint of stopping anytime. An afternoon flight lands on the nearby airport across the soaking green field eager to catch every drop. A caged bird chirp as a particularly fat drop of rain falls inside the metal bar and on its head. The electricity went out. A puddle begins to collect near the gate.

Perhaps there is no better way to go down the history lane, than being in the dark room, thoughts and snippets of the movie filling your mind as you will time to go away. ~

Okey, enough of those mushy stuff above.  The real reason why I’m being nostalgic on the first two paragraphs is Heneral Luna,  yes, the movie,  and YES, THIS IS A VERY LATE POST. 😂 For those of you who are not currently in the Philippines, the movie is the country’s Official Entry to Oscar’s Award For Best Foreign Language Movie, and it’s still creating ripples among the academe and film community.

Luna, full name : General Antonio Luna, was a son of a prominent family who’s wealth opened a lot of doors for education, experience and opportunities.  A man of many talents, his work in chemistry was recognized abroad, at the time when filipinos were still struggling to gain its own identity after being under other nations influence and power. Luna is a doctor,  a poet and a journalist whose pen proved to be a thousand times mightier than a sword.

He has been a bright light of hope for a country in the midst of a tumultious era.  A worthy general who was respected by his adversary for his courage, strength and dignity. He is a man who laughed at the face of imminent  danger. He’s opponents in the film believed him to be half mad, like his brother who was said to have killed his wife and in-law, mostly because of his rages and unpredictable temperaments.

History was vague about his true love life, but I suspect he loved as deep as all the passion he has in fighting for freedom in his time.  After all, they say he was willing to lay down his life in a duel with Rizal while both courting an unknown lady in France.

The film is superb work.  Amazing cast.  Good storytelling. Excellent cinematic effect.  All the awesome things you want to see in a movie. really entertaining.  It presented a deep, meaningful definition into the word “Bayani”.  Something our youth can emulate and be proud of.  A legacy to us all. 

I am admittedly not a fan of historical films as it tends  to bore me to sleep.  But this one kept me wide-eyed from first to last scene. (Cried some too. )

Cinematic par excellence aside:

a. It reflects what we filipinos are known to the world for: laughing amidst problems, through crisis, across the storm, formidable spirits that we are.

b. A glimpse of present Philippine social and political situations (American allies’ presence in the Philippines and the government’s stand on the West Philippines Sea)

And lastly, no matter how BADASS a general you are, you will always be little boy/girl in your mother’s eyes.  And you can still get slapped if you took so long to open the door.  lol (yes, that’s on top of my most favorite scenes) 😂😂😂


HIM- 100%

HIS MOM- 350%

Antonio Luna – Filipino, Hero, Son, Human.

Go watch.  It’s good for any day of the week.


Me with my officemates buying lot (and lots) of junkfoods.


While waiting for the movie to start

What’s your favorite movie?

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