(The title seems like one of those post advertising tourist transpo companies, but i assure you that this is unpaid for post lol)

I was standing on an outpost near the city exit road yesterday waiting for the only multicab that will bring me back home (about half hour from El Nido). The driver asked us passengers in advance if we’ll be taking the back and forth trip, to which i said yes.

Fortunately my task at the town was done early so have a bit of time to walk around and eat some kwek-kwek (quail’s eggs coated with orange breading, which one can be eaten with spicy vinegar) before heading back for transpo.

The cloud is turning darker ominiously and i felt as it begun to drizzle, which turned into a full blast shower. I made sure all the zipper of my canvass bag was closed tight to prevent my things from having an unexpected swim inside.

Then someone approached me (a caucasian tourist), asking directions on how to obtain a bus ticket. My mistake is i just pointed at the small gate of the bus company compound, so he can ask for the bus schedule. I guess explaining the intricasies of our provincial transportation in the middle of pouring rain, with him half way crossing the road is not really a good social strategem 😂😂😂.

I said the schedule, and not the specific “how to get a bus ticket” as you don’t really have to get bus tickets here in advance. You just go to the terminal here (Bgy Corong-corong) and choose which bus (air conditioned and non-air conditioned) you fancy to board going to the city or some general points of Northern Palawan Highways and which sched is compatible with your time of departure from El Nido.

It is different if you want to ride the much cooler and slightly faster shuttle van (about 2 hours faster than the public transpo.)

Bus Pros:

– Stops in between municipalities, which allows you to get your  breakfast, lunch or dinner along the way while enjoying a glimpse of each municipalities where you can take a token picture.

-Amazing view
-Cool bus selfie! (and upload it using the free wifi aboard)
-Free Movies
-Give you the “i’m a cool traveller” feel.
– Cheaper at P350 (non-air conditioned) P400 (air conditioned) per person fare from El Nido to Puerto Princesa City.

Bus Cons:

– It can only work if your visit schedule is not time-constraint. Though there isn’t much time difference compared to shuttle van.

Shuttle Van Pros:

– Comfort (Aircon and much softer seats, i guess?)
-Every passenger is priority (they’ll wait for you and you can even request to drop you off to your Inn or Hotel)

Shuttle Cons:

– A bit expensive at P500 per person fare from El Nido to Puerto Princesa City.

There you have it, my good peeps.

Maximize your travel and enjoy every second of it.

Look for unexplored angle, the road less travelled, create you own path but also trust google map lol If there’s no existing path, i think it’s better to wait for others so at least you will not go alone, in case it’s a creek ahead, or worse a deep, dark cave. 😂😂😂


The world-famous Limestone Cliffs of El Nido


Carpe Diem!💓

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Your Island Girl




The day was clear, the wind a bit strong as we board the small canoe and navigated towards the larger part of the glistening river in the early noon.

Our small “baruto” (makeshift canoe) braved the strong undercurrent as we made our way to where the mangroves grow denser and greener. The sight captivated me. The feeling of something soothing my soul.

But all the feels vanished in the water as my boat companions (my teenage cousins and their friends) casually told me that there was a crocodile sighted swimming upstream during one of the storms and pointed a small clearing with dead twigs where the amphibian supposedly basked in the sun. The area is the only passageway being used by locals to travel by boat to nearby barangays, and though the noise of passing watercrafts, lots of fishing, crab culture and other human activities in the nearby community chased the possibility of an actual crocodile, i can’t help but felt a chill down my spine on the thought. I am trying to think of something to erase the pictures on my mind when  a sudden splash (probably fish) 😂 not far away from our canoe brought instant goosebumps. I tried to contain my runaway imagination made more active by tons of movies starring huge water creatures in the same setting. Lol

The wind picked and our “canoe captain” (my 13 year old cousin) told us that that we should turn back as the undercurrent got a bit stronger, our position against the counterflow.

I breathed a sigh of relief when we  head back,  only then my eyes started feasting again on the beauty of nature around me, with only the birds chirping, and the sound of oar hitting water. The vibrant colors of the sky against the green depth that sorrounded us caressing my mind, totally erasing any morbid thoughts of crocodiles. We proceeded into the open sea where i had a chance to take in photos of the shoreline while my boating buddies frolicked in the water.

Now, sitting at the small pier beside my aunt’s house, looking at the flickering light of boat signals across the river with the moon shining above, i feel like i am in a totally another world. Feel free to join me.

Love, your Island Girl

Sweet Weekend Escape



and forget not that the earth delight to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ” -Khalil Gibran

So i’ve been neglecting my blogging duties for almost a month now.  And I missed writing as a creative outlet of sort for me.

I’ve previously wrote about some of Palawan and Puerto Princesa City’s “not-so-known” features you will not usually found on tourist brochures and travel magazines,  such as food,  places and unique stuff you can have to make your vacation more enjoyable and “out-of-the-beaten-path” and unique experience while staying in the province.

Though an island,  the possibilities are indeed endless and there’s always a lot of things waiting for those who wants to explore,  whether you are seasoned traveller or a newbie just trying your wings out in the vast world outside.  😄:D

Work sent me to Southern Palawan the past week,  the side of the island that is relatively more quite and not as popular in terms of tourist buzz compared to Northern Palawan where El Nido and San Vicente,  homes to whitest beaches, is located. Southern Palawan have it’s own charms and beauty that is as exciting and captivating on its own. 

It took us six hours to get to Bataraza,  the last municipality in the mainland of Palawan.  It was still dark and I slept for about half the trip and woke up to picturesque view of verdant mountains,  with white clouds hovering at the top and farmlands.
Bataraza is occupied predominantly by Muslim populace,  with majestic glittering turrets of mosque in the distance and fusion of interesting culture. Mining is the major industry which provides employment for nearby communities,  though farming and fishing is also common form of livelihood.

The food served at the Clubhouse inside the privately-owned compound where we stayed was good enough to replenish our energy from the trip.
Work was from 8am-5pm and we were free to roam the area. We had complimentary dinner of delicious seafoods from our hosts.  We took advantage of the free hours to see the area,  and I was fascinated by the streets named after minerals and precious stones. We also had a chance to visit the hangar and took a very quick selfie beside the small aircraft.
The next day was our last day and I was determined to stay awake during the trip back to make up and see the roadside.

We stopped at a little quaint pottery shop beside the road and purchased miniature vases from numerous handcrafted displays. It was a lot cheaper than the ones sold at the city,  and the owner also gave us a free one. 
All in all,  the trip was a refreshing change from my weekend routine and i’m looking forward to do it again,  minus the work part and more pleasure next time.  😄😁😄😅

I hope you all had a blast on the weekend.💕 

Feel free to drop by and tell me how you spent your Saturdays and Sundays.

(This post was long overdue as the internet was a bit crazy at home this past few days)

Carpe Diem!

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The Azure, The Verdant and the Villa


An exclusive view of the Seaside Villas at Puerto Island Garden, Brgy Bancao-bancao, Puerto Princesa City taken today on a mini-adventure. The view and the breeze captured my heart and a thousand poetic scenarios played in my mind.


Azure pool reflects the clearest July skies.


Mini-pool right at the doorstep.


Spend some time alone with your thoughts at the veranda.


keep looking to the horizon.

Travel is food for the soul.  🌊🌞⛵🏊🚤✈


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For Wild Souls And Adventurous Palates

There’s food everywhere if you know where to look in Palawan and you don’t have to go far to find some to tease your taste buds, whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newbie adventurer.

Here i will take you to some secret corners, hidden gems, mysterious locations, exotic yet inexpensive
cuisines of this world-renowned tourist destinations you will not usually find in the tourist brochures. So next time you drop by here on your travels or decided to visit, you can find out for yourself.

So here’s my first entree’ for your wild palates to crave on:


Cooking is easy. The real challenge in preparing this dish is gathering shells from the shoreline. Sure you can buy it from the Puerto Princesa Old City Market but the excitement and experience of combing and finding it in the sand in the early morning is priceless.

Ginataang Sikad-sikad ( shells cooked in coconut milk) is a common local household dish among the communities in the shoreline barangays in Palawan.

To prepare, you need to clean the shells (if you have gathered it yourself, a brush well do), saute’ shells in garlic and onion then put in some water, let it boil for about 15 minutes and pour the coconut milk. Wait to simmer. Serve with rice. Pepper optional.

For cold weather, you can just prepare it without the coconut milk,  replace the onions and garlic with lots of ginger and you’ll have a seafood broth with a zest.


So what’s the craziest, wild or exotic foods you’ve tried so far?

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