Disastrous Cooking 101

Guess who’s creating a huge mess in the kitchen, knows she’s only probably wasting all the precious ingredients but doggedly wants to finish it so  she can have dinner at 10pm? 😂 me! 

the recipe is nothing complicated. Just simple custard which i intend to surprise mama with (since she’s staying in El Nido most of the time now) at tomorrow’s trip. 

What looks so simple on Google and You Tube tutorial turned out to be delicate process lol and i’m getting nervous by seconds now 😂 but determined to see it done (disaster or not). 

Lesson learned: If you’re trying your hand on some cooking, the best way to start is not 8pm 😂

What the tutorial said is basically to mix 12 egg yolks with condensed and evaporated milk. Put it in a pan with sugar (for caramel) in it, then steam for 30 minutes. 

The result i’m waiting for right now is mix to harden (well, maybe have the appareance of  “cooked” 😂😂😂
Wish me luck!!! 
I’m gonna post the end result maybe in about an hour. If not, maybe at 4am (jk). I hope not, i’m super hungry the raw egg and milk mix is looking delicious now 😀

Be back in a few…! 

UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! (After two days!!! Sorry, connection, as always, was slow)

(Lol first imperfect LECHE FLAN! It’s supposed to be really smooth like this 👇👇👇

But i don’t mind. I ate the un-perfectness and, it actually taste super good! Or maybe i was just hungry lol )

My mistake is 1. ) i should’ve waited until the sugar melted into caramel-y like goodness before putting in the milk and egg yolk mix. 

Also, the 2. ) “frothy” soft top is because in included the egg white.

Like ze Bf said (he’s a very talented chef, btw) 😉 “patience is required.”. Mmm admittedly, that’s not one of the qualities i possessed but don’t tell him😂😂😂 . Next time i’ll listen 

This one ☝☝☝ i saved for mama and, SHE LOVED IT!!! said it’s perfect.  Lol that’s how i know she love me so much 😂. Apparently, mom’s have a very special tastebuds too, as to not offend their offsprings when they present a half cook egg and milk concoction on a Monday afternoon. 

What’s your most disastrous cooking episode? Tell me in the comments. Love to all your awesome beautiful moms!!! xoxox💓

Enjoy the first week of love month, my lovely peeps!!! Spread the love and keep the positivity going 💘💝💞💟🌞


Your Island Girl


(Hi baby!please get as much sleep as you can 😘 you deserved it! Love you! ~ H




(The title seems like one of those post advertising tourist transpo companies, but i assure you that this is unpaid for post lol)

I was standing on an outpost near the city exit road yesterday waiting for the only multicab that will bring me back home (about half hour from El Nido). The driver asked us passengers in advance if we’ll be taking the back and forth trip, to which i said yes.

Fortunately my task at the town was done early so have a bit of time to walk around and eat some kwek-kwek (quail’s eggs coated with orange breading, which one can be eaten with spicy vinegar) before heading back for transpo.

The cloud is turning darker ominiously and i felt as it begun to drizzle, which turned into a full blast shower. I made sure all the zipper of my canvass bag was closed tight to prevent my things from having an unexpected swim inside.

Then someone approached me (a caucasian tourist), asking directions on how to obtain a bus ticket. My mistake is i just pointed at the small gate of the bus company compound, so he can ask for the bus schedule. I guess explaining the intricasies of our provincial transportation in the middle of pouring rain, with him half way crossing the road is not really a good social strategem 😂😂😂.

I said the schedule, and not the specific “how to get a bus ticket” as you don’t really have to get bus tickets here in advance. You just go to the terminal here (Bgy Corong-corong) and choose which bus (air conditioned and non-air conditioned) you fancy to board going to the city or some general points of Northern Palawan Highways and which sched is compatible with your time of departure from El Nido.

It is different if you want to ride the much cooler and slightly faster shuttle van (about 2 hours faster than the public transpo.)

Bus Pros:

– Stops in between municipalities, which allows you to get your  breakfast, lunch or dinner along the way while enjoying a glimpse of each municipalities where you can take a token picture.

-Amazing view
-Cool bus selfie! (and upload it using the free wifi aboard)
-Free Movies
-Give you the “i’m a cool traveller” feel.
– Cheaper at P350 (non-air conditioned) P400 (air conditioned) per person fare from El Nido to Puerto Princesa City.

Bus Cons:

– It can only work if your visit schedule is not time-constraint. Though there isn’t much time difference compared to shuttle van.

Shuttle Van Pros:

– Comfort (Aircon and much softer seats, i guess?)
-Every passenger is priority (they’ll wait for you and you can even request to drop you off to your Inn or Hotel)

Shuttle Cons:

– A bit expensive at P500 per person fare from El Nido to Puerto Princesa City.

There you have it, my good peeps.

Maximize your travel and enjoy every second of it.

Look for unexplored angle, the road less travelled, create you own path but also trust google map lol If there’s no existing path, i think it’s better to wait for others so at least you will not go alone, in case it’s a creek ahead, or worse a deep, dark cave. 😂😂😂


The world-famous Limestone Cliffs of El Nido


Carpe Diem!💓

(Photo Credits: huffingtonpost.com


Your Island Girl

Salty Hugs And Sandy Kisses at 30 (Fun in Nacpan)


Capping off my birthday week with a 2-day beach romp with my classmates, then i “found” this eden of a spot.

Twin Beach is located in Calitang about 25 minutes from the world-famous town of El Nido, province of Palawan, Philippines.

We rode a motorcycle at 8am from Barangay Bucana traversing rough and dusty partly cemented roads. The day promised clear skies and summery breeze, so there are vans and vehicles going the same way, perhaps to shake the previously concluded election tensions and dip their toes on the cold blue waters.


We passed by dry rice fields and solitary houses just beginning to stir. My excitement begun to infurl when we reached the little dirt road leading to our destination.

The fact that the place is becoming the newest tourist destination didn’t seemed to have affected the oblivious residents as the houses was simple, made of amacan and nipa, except for a few restaurants offering simple cuisines, ice cold beer and fruit shakes.

The beach was lined by huts that can be rented at Php300 for whole day activities. There is no wifi connection where we stayed, and you have to bring extra phone batteries or power banks as the place have no electricity and relies only on a generator set.

I immediately whisked my phone and took a customary beach shot; blue skies, white sand, blue green sea, a bit of a mountain and little island in the background and of course, coconut trees. 😆

We settled down, took out the foods and run like kids towards the water, hardly feeling the hot sands on our sole.


Calm and peace envelop me as the salty water embraced me. And i immediately regret not getting one of those waterproof phone case. I also left the selfie stick at home. 😥


Me, my classmates Nelz and Chie

After a quick lunch, we headed towards a small hill where the two beaches are visible, braving the sun, talking about our the other beach we raided the other day (but that will be on entirely different post). Lol

The view at the top(every angle is more beautiful than the next) took my breath away i promised myself i will have a good camera within this lifetime, not that the view needs more pixels to make it more perfect.








And perfect it was. I wonder why no one has ever think of proposing there yet or maybe have their wedding at the top (hint hint for you people). Just let me know and maybe i’ll help keep other people away (for a while) while you blindfold her, and drag her to the hills just so she’ll be awestruck she’ll have no other choice but say yes. Haha

~ I’m getting the feel of this thirty thing. i feel more open about adventures, body positivity and still looking forward to each sunrise, of whatever tomorrow will bring. I hope i’ll see you all there. 😉

Keep safe, lovely peeps. ♡

Here’s me at 30.


Sandy hugs and salty kisses from my island province. Xxx💋


The Light of Luna


“Ang taong may damdamin ay hindi alipin”. – Heneral Antonio Luna

~Its raining outside, lightning breaks the far horizon while thunder echoed through the monotonous sound of the falling heavy september rain outside with no hint of stopping anytime. An afternoon flight lands on the nearby airport across the soaking green field eager to catch every drop. A caged bird chirp as a particularly fat drop of rain falls inside the metal bar and on its head. The electricity went out. A puddle begins to collect near the gate.

Perhaps there is no better way to go down the history lane, than being in the dark room, thoughts and snippets of the movie filling your mind as you will time to go away. ~

Okey, enough of those mushy stuff above.  The real reason why I’m being nostalgic on the first two paragraphs is Heneral Luna,  yes, the movie,  and YES, THIS IS A VERY LATE POST. 😂 For those of you who are not currently in the Philippines, the movie is the country’s Official Entry to Oscar’s Award For Best Foreign Language Movie, and it’s still creating ripples among the academe and film community.

Luna, full name : General Antonio Luna, was a son of a prominent family who’s wealth opened a lot of doors for education, experience and opportunities.  A man of many talents, his work in chemistry was recognized abroad, at the time when filipinos were still struggling to gain its own identity after being under other nations influence and power. Luna is a doctor,  a poet and a journalist whose pen proved to be a thousand times mightier than a sword.

He has been a bright light of hope for a country in the midst of a tumultious era.  A worthy general who was respected by his adversary for his courage, strength and dignity. He is a man who laughed at the face of imminent  danger. He’s opponents in the film believed him to be half mad, like his brother who was said to have killed his wife and in-law, mostly because of his rages and unpredictable temperaments.

History was vague about his true love life, but I suspect he loved as deep as all the passion he has in fighting for freedom in his time.  After all, they say he was willing to lay down his life in a duel with Rizal while both courting an unknown lady in France.

The film is superb work.  Amazing cast.  Good storytelling. Excellent cinematic effect.  All the awesome things you want to see in a movie. really entertaining.  It presented a deep, meaningful definition into the word “Bayani”.  Something our youth can emulate and be proud of.  A legacy to us all. 

I am admittedly not a fan of historical films as it tends  to bore me to sleep.  But this one kept me wide-eyed from first to last scene. (Cried some too. )

Cinematic par excellence aside:

a. It reflects what we filipinos are known to the world for: laughing amidst problems, through crisis, across the storm, formidable spirits that we are.

b. A glimpse of present Philippine social and political situations (American allies’ presence in the Philippines and the government’s stand on the West Philippines Sea)

And lastly, no matter how BADASS a general you are, you will always be little boy/girl in your mother’s eyes.  And you can still get slapped if you took so long to open the door.  lol (yes, that’s on top of my most favorite scenes) 😂😂😂


HIM- 100%

HIS MOM- 350%

Antonio Luna – Filipino, Hero, Son, Human.

Go watch.  It’s good for any day of the week.


Me with my officemates buying lot (and lots) of junkfoods.


While waiting for the movie to start

What’s your favorite movie?

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Sweet Weekend Escape



and forget not that the earth delight to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ” -Khalil Gibran

So i’ve been neglecting my blogging duties for almost a month now.  And I missed writing as a creative outlet of sort for me.

I’ve previously wrote about some of Palawan and Puerto Princesa City’s “not-so-known” features you will not usually found on tourist brochures and travel magazines,  such as food,  places and unique stuff you can have to make your vacation more enjoyable and “out-of-the-beaten-path” and unique experience while staying in the province.

Though an island,  the possibilities are indeed endless and there’s always a lot of things waiting for those who wants to explore,  whether you are seasoned traveller or a newbie just trying your wings out in the vast world outside.  😄:D

Work sent me to Southern Palawan the past week,  the side of the island that is relatively more quite and not as popular in terms of tourist buzz compared to Northern Palawan where El Nido and San Vicente,  homes to whitest beaches, is located. Southern Palawan have it’s own charms and beauty that is as exciting and captivating on its own. 

It took us six hours to get to Bataraza,  the last municipality in the mainland of Palawan.  It was still dark and I slept for about half the trip and woke up to picturesque view of verdant mountains,  with white clouds hovering at the top and farmlands.
Bataraza is occupied predominantly by Muslim populace,  with majestic glittering turrets of mosque in the distance and fusion of interesting culture. Mining is the major industry which provides employment for nearby communities,  though farming and fishing is also common form of livelihood.

The food served at the Clubhouse inside the privately-owned compound where we stayed was good enough to replenish our energy from the trip.
Work was from 8am-5pm and we were free to roam the area. We had complimentary dinner of delicious seafoods from our hosts.  We took advantage of the free hours to see the area,  and I was fascinated by the streets named after minerals and precious stones. We also had a chance to visit the hangar and took a very quick selfie beside the small aircraft.
The next day was our last day and I was determined to stay awake during the trip back to make up and see the roadside.

We stopped at a little quaint pottery shop beside the road and purchased miniature vases from numerous handcrafted displays. It was a lot cheaper than the ones sold at the city,  and the owner also gave us a free one. 
All in all,  the trip was a refreshing change from my weekend routine and i’m looking forward to do it again,  minus the work part and more pleasure next time.  😄😁😄😅

I hope you all had a blast on the weekend.💕 

Feel free to drop by and tell me how you spent your Saturdays and Sundays.

(This post was long overdue as the internet was a bit crazy at home this past few days)

Carpe Diem!

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The Azure, The Verdant and the Villa


An exclusive view of the Seaside Villas at Puerto Island Garden, Brgy Bancao-bancao, Puerto Princesa City taken today on a mini-adventure. The view and the breeze captured my heart and a thousand poetic scenarios played in my mind.


Azure pool reflects the clearest July skies.


Mini-pool right at the doorstep.


Spend some time alone with your thoughts at the veranda.


keep looking to the horizon.

Travel is food for the soul.  🌊🌞⛵🏊🚤✈


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Looking Out the Window at Dusk


“Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. And that means that day and night are linked in a way that few things are there cannot be without the other yet they cannot exist at the same time. How would it feel i remember wondering to be always together yet forever apart? ”
– Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook


The tree against the darkening skies at dusk  near the field outside work is one of my favorite subject , though i also prefer it without any filter on most of the time. (Taken with pomelo cam app on my 8mega pixel samsung galaxy prime phone :)😄:D)

The melancholic atmosphere never failed to provoke some deep thoughts. There’s just something on that vast open sky above, the green wide field below and that tree amidst it all that reflects my state of mind after a long day work. It’s as if the world turned while i was away. The sky moved, the sun dissapeared into the far horizon and the grass turned dark, but that tree, alone, remains where it is and it looks lonely. The leaves looks sad as it sways gently into the early evening breeze, with nothing else to look forward but the bright rays of tomorrow’s promise.


This is for all the restless souls.

May all of our hearts find its way home in the new light of each dawn.

To you. Always. And forever. To infinity and beyond. And for all the other lifetimes ahead.