Disastrous Cooking 101

Guess who’s creating a huge mess in the kitchen, knows she’s only probably wasting all the precious ingredients but doggedly wants to finish it so  she can have dinner at 10pm? 😂 me! 

the recipe is nothing complicated. Just simple custard which i intend to surprise mama with (since she’s staying in El Nido most of the time now) at tomorrow’s trip. 

What looks so simple on Google and You Tube tutorial turned out to be delicate process lol and i’m getting nervous by seconds now 😂 but determined to see it done (disaster or not). 

Lesson learned: If you’re trying your hand on some cooking, the best way to start is not 8pm 😂

What the tutorial said is basically to mix 12 egg yolks with condensed and evaporated milk. Put it in a pan with sugar (for caramel) in it, then steam for 30 minutes. 

The result i’m waiting for right now is mix to harden (well, maybe have the appareance of  “cooked” 😂😂😂
Wish me luck!!! 
I’m gonna post the end result maybe in about an hour. If not, maybe at 4am (jk). I hope not, i’m super hungry the raw egg and milk mix is looking delicious now 😀

Be back in a few…! 

UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! (After two days!!! Sorry, connection, as always, was slow)

(Lol first imperfect LECHE FLAN! It’s supposed to be really smooth like this 👇👇👇

But i don’t mind. I ate the un-perfectness and, it actually taste super good! Or maybe i was just hungry lol )

My mistake is 1. ) i should’ve waited until the sugar melted into caramel-y like goodness before putting in the milk and egg yolk mix. 

Also, the 2. ) “frothy” soft top is because in included the egg white.

Like ze Bf said (he’s a very talented chef, btw) 😉 “patience is required.”. Mmm admittedly, that’s not one of the qualities i possessed but don’t tell him😂😂😂 . Next time i’ll listen 

This one ☝☝☝ i saved for mama and, SHE LOVED IT!!! said it’s perfect.  Lol that’s how i know she love me so much 😂. Apparently, mom’s have a very special tastebuds too, as to not offend their offsprings when they present a half cook egg and milk concoction on a Monday afternoon. 

What’s your most disastrous cooking episode? Tell me in the comments. Love to all your awesome beautiful moms!!! xoxox💓

Enjoy the first week of love month, my lovely peeps!!! Spread the love and keep the positivity going 💘💝💞💟🌞


Your Island Girl


(Hi baby!please get as much sleep as you can 😘 you deserved it! Love you! ~ H



(The last time i tried to write stories is when i was 14 years old, about twin princesses separated by destiny and reunited by love.Lolz 😜Here’s another try…)-

My name’s not Kaja (you say it as kaya). It’s a lie. Just like how everything in my world is a lie.  I once posted on my facebook account about how i live a charmed life. Actually, i don’t.my i was just trying to be sarcastic. Mine is a life of sorrows and tears and desperations, and loneliness and endless fight for survival,  for my sanity and for my place in this mad mad world.  I feel like i’m wearing a mask, living a double life. Hard shelled, tough hearted on the outside, but vulnerable and helpless inside.my nose always buried on my reporter’s noted book our News writing teacher gave us. 

People have different impressions of me. Those who knew me back in college have seen this punk-haired happy-go-lucky gal sitting on the stairs of Arts and Humanities building, laughing with my same-minded co-majors. I was either wearing a tattered shirt, my hair an uneven mess, without a care in the world. A year after that, an aspiring journalist covering mundane news, writing furiously on the police desk to fill the backpage of local publication, this time it’s my pants that is tattered and unwashed. I retained the hair, covered in cheap gel, trying to stretch every dime that passed my hand into the last day of the month into the next meager salary. Those who have crossed my path took me for a serious, hard-working wannabe, with a rebellious streak.

Only a few people know the real story of my life. I’m not keeping it a secret. though secret is my expertise.  I work with secret But i’m not telling everyone either, if they don’t ask. I like it just the way it is. An open secret, for anyone to delve and analyze. An officemate asked me one afternoon why i didn’t become one of those emo people, hating the world for what it have done to me, i can’t remember what i told her. But looking back, my answer would be that i don’t have the energy anymore to hate on the world. I cried and cried and cried, but no amount of tears can change my fate or re-align my stars, so i’ve learned to compartmentalize my emotions into locked shelves.  I’m no longer a shy doe-eyed girl, i’m a warrior. And i’m out for blood. ***
She glanced at the purple clock on the wall across her desk, which informed her it’s 7:24pm. She made  a quick mental note of things she needs to do before going home while gathering her stuff from atop her messy worktable, scribbling on post it note and sticking it on the front page of the report that came just before 6, two hours late from the cut off. A mug,  still half full of stale coffee have ants crawling around it.  She considered rinsing it off before heading out but decided against it. Let the ants have a coffee party. 

The other cubicles, arranged like an H without the middle line,  are empty, except the last one near the door, with the occupant typing furiously, perhaps in an effort to wrap the day’s job. 

She picked her black sling bag, stuffed her phone charger and headed for the cubicle.  “Hey, just leave it!!! I’m hungry! ”

An arm extended out from the opening of the cubicle and gestured with the middle and index finger, two pages,  two minutes,  two hours,  it’s an open interpretation but she knows exactly it means it’s a rush job and needed immediately. She peered inside the cubicle and look at the documents, the top page with striking bold red letter on top…. TO BE CONTINUED


(Hi sweety! If you’re reading this, I know you’re awake  😜 lol  Good morning baby! Wear your jacket 😘 Cold today xoxoxoxoxoxo👄 love you bunch! )

Pre-Halloween Ootds

Earlier today at Corong-corong Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. 

A touch of  bright color on gloomy day from Saturday afternoon stroll

Chillaxing before the spooks come out later 😂;)😯:?😱


Happy Halloween, my lovely peeps! Don’t let the zombie eat ya brains 😝

The Moon To My Sun

“🎶 I wake up to your sunset
And it’s driving me mad, 🎶
I miss you so bad🎵
And my heart, heart, heart is so jet-lagged🎼
Heart, heart, heart is so jet-lagged… 🎶” ⏰🔐⏳✈🌞🌛🌄🌇🌍🌐👄



I love you sweetheart, in every second of everyday 😘

(Don’t forget lunch.  Dreaming of you on witching hour 👄)



Salty Hugs And Sandy Kisses at 30 (Fun in Nacpan)


Capping off my birthday week with a 2-day beach romp with my classmates, then i “found” this eden of a spot.

Twin Beach is located in Calitang about 25 minutes from the world-famous town of El Nido, province of Palawan, Philippines.

We rode a motorcycle at 8am from Barangay Bucana traversing rough and dusty partly cemented roads. The day promised clear skies and summery breeze, so there are vans and vehicles going the same way, perhaps to shake the previously concluded election tensions and dip their toes on the cold blue waters.


We passed by dry rice fields and solitary houses just beginning to stir. My excitement begun to infurl when we reached the little dirt road leading to our destination.

The fact that the place is becoming the newest tourist destination didn’t seemed to have affected the oblivious residents as the houses was simple, made of amacan and nipa, except for a few restaurants offering simple cuisines, ice cold beer and fruit shakes.

The beach was lined by huts that can be rented at Php300 for whole day activities. There is no wifi connection where we stayed, and you have to bring extra phone batteries or power banks as the place have no electricity and relies only on a generator set.

I immediately whisked my phone and took a customary beach shot; blue skies, white sand, blue green sea, a bit of a mountain and little island in the background and of course, coconut trees. 😆

We settled down, took out the foods and run like kids towards the water, hardly feeling the hot sands on our sole.


Calm and peace envelop me as the salty water embraced me. And i immediately regret not getting one of those waterproof phone case. I also left the selfie stick at home. 😥


Me, my classmates Nelz and Chie

After a quick lunch, we headed towards a small hill where the two beaches are visible, braving the sun, talking about our the other beach we raided the other day (but that will be on entirely different post). Lol

The view at the top(every angle is more beautiful than the next) took my breath away i promised myself i will have a good camera within this lifetime, not that the view needs more pixels to make it more perfect.








And perfect it was. I wonder why no one has ever think of proposing there yet or maybe have their wedding at the top (hint hint for you people). Just let me know and maybe i’ll help keep other people away (for a while) while you blindfold her, and drag her to the hills just so she’ll be awestruck she’ll have no other choice but say yes. Haha

~ I’m getting the feel of this thirty thing. i feel more open about adventures, body positivity and still looking forward to each sunrise, of whatever tomorrow will bring. I hope i’ll see you all there. 😉

Keep safe, lovely peeps. ♡

Here’s me at 30.


Sandy hugs and salty kisses from my island province. Xxx💋



Hello.  I must admit I have a very erratic writing inspirations nowadays, hence, the erratic postings here, which I’m planning the make up to you soon. ( I know, I know… promises, promises) lol

Okey, here’s the pic of my beautiful hometown El Nido I snapped yesterday. I took this near the curve going to the cemetery.


Yes, I’m still in my hometown. For four months now, and counting. Am I going back to the city soon? I’m not sure. What certain is, the feel of cold wind, the sound of the surf against the shore at dawn and the green mountain sceneries have not failed to surprise and enchant me every day, yet.

To backtrack a bit, I took a few days Christmas break from work, took the last bus trip to my hometown at midnight. But the weeks stretched to months and before I knew it, it’s Chinese new year, and valentine’s day, and my friends birthdays and well, a lot of things have come to pass already. The only trip I’ve taken back is to pack my things from the little house I rented with my mom just outside the gates of my work. Just few bags of clothes and furniture and a bit of appliances.

Looking at it, I realized how little material things we’ve gained from almost 15 years of living, studying and working in the city, in comparison to what we gave up for it.  It’s not been easy. What we lack from worldly gains, we make up for experiences.

We’ll be all billionaires if only they’ll let us cash in on the things we’ve seen, heard and touched. heartbreak and tears and success and happiness will have the highest exchange rates I guess. I don’t know.

Two weeks away from my 30th birthday and here I am, sitting in, my shop, at the beginning of the week, on a bright sunny day, alone, with my chaotic thoughts. Where am I going? Am I going to look back at this moment few months from now with regrets for letting a lot of good opportunities passed by? What is the future have in store for me? What have I achieved so far in those 30 years?

When I was 14 years old, I always imagined myself happily married at thirty. I imagined a lot of happy moments. And part of that dream is being successful. It’s will be huge milestone for me.

Reality: my bucket list is still uncrossed. Lol well, except for that one time I’ve (sorry for the pun) crossed the hanging bridge (I’m afraid of heights). There’s definitely a message somewhere there.

No need to look back. Start counting forward. And never stop crossing bridges. Even if it’s rickety and swaying. And the river looks deep under.

Failures? Water under the bridge.

30 is the new awesome!

Should I change the name of the blog now? Nope.

True North is an elusive son of a bee. 😀

But no matter, let your heart be your compass and your faith, the guiding light, and hope is an eternal flame, keep it burning.



Your Island Girl




The Art of Missing And Catching The Train

First, we don’t have a train (yet) here in my hometown.😂 It was actually either a bus or jeep i have to catch at dawn, since there is one tranpo sched going to El Nido townproper. But train seems more romantic in a title so there it is. (I’m eating a salty biscuit while writing this, waiting for that tell-tale sign and sounds of approaching vehicle that will save me from my (not exactly) lonely wait outside my aunts house.) I hope i’m fast enough to muscle my way in and get a good seat.

It’s more than a month after my last post.  As i’ve indicated, my intended christmas work vacation was stretched, and i’m still busy enjoying my hometown so much making up for anything i missed for the past 13 years while studying, working and generally living in the city, while still doing some work on the side. Everything seems new once again, with familiar feels but strange memories.

Life here is slow,composed of  bright mornings, dramatic sunsets, cold dawn, and starlights clearly visible against the blue black skies untouched by smoke and pollution. I think that’s my favorite part. To be lost in the infinite vastness of twinkling lights above. I can almost hear them pulsating against the silence of the night.

Bucana, a cove, is a quiet fishing and agricultural village, sorrounded by mountains on both sides and accessible on solitary dusty roads by an overloaded bus and jeep which you have to wake up at 5am to catch. it is about an hour trip from the world renowned tourist town of El Nido. The road is composed of picturesque small farms and huts, with a painter’s precision. Although its not unusual to see Highway Department trucks on the still unpaved dirt roads. People know each other, and seemingly curious enough to know what i’ve doing for the past years.

The bus arrived at the townproper at 7:48am, with the passengers scrambling to disembark abd hurriedly do their respective tasks and official businesses at the municipal hall and buy basic needs, like soap,coffee, sugar, medicines and vitamins and some bric bracs at a bit lower price and catch the bus going back again at 10am along with fresh loads of cargo supplies to be sold at slightly higher price at sari-sari store back home.

My transaction was fast and i was back at the terminal before 9:30am, so i got to choose a seat beside the window at the back of the driver’s seat. I took in the busy area. Male tourist passengers with huge backpacks drenched in sweat, women wearing a combination swimwear and bohemian skirts, skimpy shorts, and sari. All carrying bottled water. They look anxiously at the bus, waving a piece of paper, the conductor listening intently, and gestured towards the door of the bus. Dust swirled as a new bus arrived, bringing in a flurry of activities as passengers retrieved their baggage.

My own bus was still half filled at 10am, and it means we will have departure delay. As i look for my overused strawhut which i carelessly stuffed in slingbag, i felt something warm on the front pocket. I looked inside and found a brown bag of forgotten donuts i purchased at the bakery. I took one and bite into the soft fried dough, savoring the sugary freshness.

I was supposed to go back by first week of January to the big city for 8-5 job. But each morning here, in this place with it’s salty morning breeze and erratic transpo sched, charmed me into staying another day, another week…another month.

I look at the bus bound for Puerto Princesa City and all the things i should be doing there at this time of the year, i remember “Gods of Egypt” showing soon, fries, coke floats, mcdonald’s, pizza, afterwork-stroll at the mall. And that’s it. My friends there would probably missed me during birthday parties and nightouts, but they also have their busy life and they can still call and text me. Also I can have everyday phone calls with relatives there to stay connected.

But maybe they have lots of good books on sale now…

Maybe that french bakery have those cutesy yum little cakes now…

I dig into the brown bag and took another donut.

I think i’ll missed that bus… for now and let tomorrow decide.

Love, your Island Girl