Pre-Halloween Ootds

Earlier today at Corong-corong Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. 

A touch of  bright color on gloomy day from Saturday afternoon stroll

Chillaxing before the spooks come out later 😂;)😯:?😱


Happy Halloween, my lovely peeps! Don’t let the zombie eat ya brains 😝


Pink Silkscreen, Ribbons and Needles: Wish Me Luck! (DIY Costume)

“Life is a great big canvas; Throw all the paint you can on it. – Danny Kaye ♡

I was kinda bored and feeling a bit distracted earlier today. Don’t know why, maybe partly due to lack of sleep last night because of storm (I’m  afraid of thunder and lightning, but that would be another post 😁)

They say that we should have “outlets”, for the vibes to flow and translate into positive ones, like hobbies that will take our mind off things when it go little chaotic for us to handle or doesn’t go the way we want or expect them to. Things have their own ways sometimes. Let them flow to whichever way they want. They’ll come running back, crying, I hope lol 😁 

I must admit that my most  productive moments happened on times when I was sad. It just triggered something on the creative part of my mind to grind and bring out the best part of whatever artful inclination I have.  😂

Anyway, tonight I’m trying to shake off the sad-vibes-with-unknown-origin by doing a Halloween costume. Yes, I know this is late and I’ve already posted our Enchantress Photo session lol but this is for tomorrow’s Trick or Treat to entertain the kids or at least try to get on the spirit of the season.  (Or soul? )




I hope I can make it beautiful or useful 😂 if not, i’ll wear it anyway.:)😆😅:D
I’ll let you see the final outcome but don’t judge me based on it 😂.


(Ouch! Pricked my finger… And I’m feeling sleepy. )lol

Love, your Island Girl

E is for Enchanted

If you still believe in magic,
you’re subject to enchantment.
– Toba Beta


~ And the moonbeams passed through the leaves of the old tree, the night is exceptionally quite except for the October breeze parting the grass. The field looks endless against the dark horizon and filled with moving shadows against the bluish silvery hue of the bright moon above.

A bird sleeping on a branch flapped its wings, it’s eyes a flicker of green.

A tiny yellow flower swayed …

The moon is dimmer as a cloud passed by.
Then a sudden swirling flutter of colors overshadows the gray and everything came alive.

They come out to play in this night of nights, when the thin thread between the enchanted smoke of imagination’s fire and reality completely vanished.

Their feet touched the ground.  gossamer wings  against the silvery light,  hand in hand,  swirling, until the edge of dawn, clothed in enchanted mist. They catch the first rays of sun and gifted the flowers with it.  (It’s why all the blooms got their colors. )

That’s how I imagined fairies on Midsummer Night.  And so off we glide and dance and sung… only this time we chased sunlight instead of moonlight, in the middle of an ordinary life.


Our DIY costumes was supposedly to be used for a costumed gala at work, but the activity was cancelled the last minutes (heartbreak ensues). Fairy wings and wand and magic ready but no party? No problem.  One wave of our wand, boopety bappety boo…  we’re set and off we go… sprinkling sparkling glitter along the path.

So here’s me and my etherial company:

The Nature Fairy ( The Guardian of Trees and Animals) She finds lost animals, cuddles orphans,  heals trees and plants after storms and help farmers have bountiful harvest)



The Dream Fairy (She’s the Granter of Wishes and Fulfiller of Dreams) She saves babies tears in a dream jar and sent it to the stars to create destiny’s thread.



The Shadow Fairy (The Worst fairy in the realm, she was once a white fairy but was cursed by her sister when she fall in love with a mortal. ) She has the power of fire.



The Glimmer Fairy (The sister of Shadow Fairy.) She’s a solitary enchanter and only comes out on full moon and  Hallow’s Eve. She can change weather patterns and calm the sea to prevent disasters. 😂


On our way to a conference (yes, faeries do work too. 😂)


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May your wishes and dreams come true in sparkle of hope, a dash of happiness and heartful of love and faith!

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all. – Walt Disney

Have an enchanted, magical or creepy, spooktacular crazy scary Halloween, Everyone! ! 👹👻👾💀👿

(P. S The Enchantress Series to be continued on the next post. 😁)


Your Island Girl