That familiar smell If aircon and damp upholstery greeted my senses as soon as I climb the bus, which made me thankful for that egg, hotdog and rice combo I ordered at terminal carinderia. i’d like to mention first that I always get motion-sickness no matter how smooth the trip,  but that is not the point of this story 😂

The terminal is just starting get busy as a flurry of local and foreign travellers alighted from transport van from the city. There’s still a few people aboard my bus. as I look out my front seat window, i’m trying to make a list of all the possible things I forgot (I tend to worry a lot), and then when i’m positive I did not forget anything, I tried to worry about the weather. It was sunny, but with my province’ erratic weather, you can’t tell. I calculated i’d be in the city at 4pm. Still enough time to drop by the mall and change from my travel cloths.  

Okey,  I must admit i’m trying to distract my self from the real reason of this trip: the love of my life, my LDR, my one and only,  my fate, my destiny, my dearest R is coming to visit for 20 days! he’s gonna travel more than 8,000 miles, 4 airport stopovers and i‘m the one feeling nervous and happy and ecstatic and excited and anxious! (all kinds of feel) lol 

The 5-hour trip from El Nido is smooth by itself, so smooth that i didn’t woke up from my nap if the bus conductor did not announced that we’re going to have lunch at a highway carinderia. 

We arrived at 4:30pm in the city, dark clouds started gathering and as I alighted from the bus to hail a tricycle,  the smell of impending rain is in the air.
I dragged my two overstuffed bags and a native handcrafted basket on the security table at the entrance of the mall while a security personnel looks at me puzzled but gave my bags a prefunctory check (i’m secretly crossing fingers that none of my undergarments are visible lol) and let me go. I left all my luggage at the baggage counter and started to find the nearest comfort room, when i remember that I need  clothes to change in to. 

I took out my rubber shoes, and clean shirt and a jacket, my make up kit and beauty stuff (😜 i just want to look beautiful for my honey) and proceeded to change and apply those. I dropped by the french patisserie’ and got 2 large clubhouse sandwiches (i savagely bit into one).  There’s a full blown rain after outside. I checked the time and it’s 5:20pm which sent me in an instant panicky mode. I tried to recall the new airport location and take the nearest tricycle to take me there. 

As we enter the airport, i told the driver to take me to the ARRIVAL area, he glanced at my bags and said maybe it’s the DEPARTURE I mean. I said i’m sure I want to be in the ARRIVAL area. It’s 5:44 and I’m trying to collect my composure 

I took one of the wooden chairs that resembles a washed out log from the beach and put my bags underneath before whipping out my phone, camera on ready, eagerly looking at the door marked “ARRIVAL”. I tried to relax,  and noticed some of the people waiting as well, staff from hotels carrying placards with the name of the person they have to pick up and bored tourist transpo drivers. I asked an old lady near me if they’re also waiting for the 6pm flight and she said yes, she’s waiting for her son too. By this time i can feel strong wind and rain blowing on our direction, puddles forming  on the walkway and lightning illuminated the roof of the building across while thunders boomed in the distance. 

The ink on placards carried by hotel staffs started to blot, the cardboard soft and damp,  when we hear the first sound, air whizzing as an aircraft tried , and as the dismayed placard-carriers told us, failed to land,  due to bad weather. 

This news was further enforced by alarmingly sharp lightnings. I must confess i’m scared of lightning and thunder, and being in an open area with vertical roofs doesn’t help much but my anxiousness is overriding any of fears at the moment I think. 

There’s 4 more failed landings after that as the area was mercilessly pounded by rain. With each sound of approaching aircraft, me and my fellow airport wait-ers would glance at each other, asking silently who will go next to the security personnel at the arrival area to ask if it safely landed, what’s the flight number and if the flight we’re specifically waiting was cancelled for the night and re-scheduled. It’s 8:30pm, the flight bulletin board still flashed the airline name of flights scheduled to land, tho some turned back to Manila to await for the weather to clear. I squinted and try to read the airline names, but without my glasses,  all I can see is a blur. And this point, i’m starting to worry about R and hoping his aircraft is safely back in Manila.  I wonder what’s he’s thinking of this crazy unwelcoming weather here. 

(and hoping that at the airline is serving them good dinner at least) 😂

The rain started to slow down and finally settled into a drizzle when I heard a flurry of activity. A flight safely landed!!! 

So i took out my mirror,  apply a dab of powder and a light lipstick to wait near the ARRIVAL door. 

but alas! it’s not the flight i’m waiting! 

So back on the waiting area, arranging and re-arranging my bags. All the while ignoring the feeling on the pit of my stomach, trying not to worry. 

There’s 2 more flights after that, and my rush to the arrival area was fruitless. But I’m positive about the last one coz i’m sure the weather mixed up the scheduling pattern of the airlines, this time i stayed just a few meter at the arrival door. 

so positive that I applied a full lipstick and a thicker foundation, and a generous dab of cologne, again. 😂😂😂 

I watched as the passengers trickled out of that door, scanning each one. but to no avail. my R’s not there. I peeked inside the glass panels where i can see less than 10 people queuing for the baggages, trying to see familiar details, trying to read every the movements, but i’m he’s simply not there. 

I have to mention that I know in advance that phone communication isn’t possible between us as US phone network will not work here in the Philippines, so i’m not expecting to hear from him through his phone. 

as the last one of the passenger, the son of the old lady I waited with walk out and greeted by his mom, my tears trickled and i walk fast behind the columns, feeling overwhelmingly confused. what happened? where is he? 

I tried to recall our last phone conversation, few minutes before he rode an UBER taxi to Houston Airport. 

I checked my phone, desperate to do anything. to get an answer, only to be greeted by 2% phone battery. 

my thought’s in chaos as I walk back to where i left my bag besides some hotel staff preparing to leave, trying to stay calm and think. The people gathered at the waiting is is dwindling, everyone seems happily reunited with the person they’re waiting for.  lucky 

Should I call mama? should I message his sister, his friends to ask what happened? but my phone’s dying. 

With a just a bit of my conscious thought left, I decided I have to find a lodge or check in into a nearest inn just outside the airport premises, so I could charge, change clothes,  then get back and spend the night at the airport. I just have to be close, I felt I needed to be at the airport. 

I talk to one of the van driver and ask if I can get a ride just outside the airport. he said yes but we have to wait coz he’s waiting for another flight! 

a flight! another flight! but the security at the door said there’s no more flight for the night! 

I instantly felt awake and full of energy as i step into the puddles, nearly forgetting to thank him, unmindful of my clothes, my make up melting in the rain. 

then I noticed that tricycles are arriving bringing in new people to wait. 

That last flight landed, and for what seems to be an eternity, at nearly 10pm, the first of the passengers stepped out that door, one of them wearing blue stripes and pushing a cart, talking to airport staff, I can’t even see his face because of my helplessly blurred vision but i know it’s him. I just know

I step towards them without hesitation, the rain feels cold, and my pants and shoes are soaked, but I heard my name! my mascara running down, my lisptick all blotted out, and hair plastered unflatteringly to my head, but I just needed to get to him and touch him and make sure he’s alright! 

I spent thousands of hours rehearsing this very moment I my mind,  trying to come up with a memorable line, but all i can say when I hugged him is “at last!😂😂😂 wow. 

I can see his blue eyes become confused for a second, trying to understand what bump/hug him (i’m heavy lol) before turning at it’s bluest as he recognized me (at least he did not get scared lol)

Apparently the agency in Singapore where he booked transfered him to another flight in Manila because they said he might missed his original Manila – Puerto Princesa flight and he’s been trying to contact me using the Singapore airline employee’s phone, even searching for my Facebook to send  a message to assure me but my facebook page’s not searchable to other people that i don’t have mutual  friend with.  He’s also worried that I won’t be at the airport when he lands because of all the delays and asked the airport staff to announce my name on the PA system of the airport 😂

Being a romantic person that I am, it amazed me so much how there’s many contributing factors that could ruin that moment, many little inconveniences, many delays, many hindering factors, lost of communication etc, and how it turned out to be alright and perfect at end of that airport episode.

~ I know that this sounds cliche’ but the moment I touched him, everything vanished, every particle of the universe makes sense, and i saw all the goodness in the world. my heart sung, and my ear blocked out all the noises of the outside world, and I only want to be immersed in the warmness of his embrace. That’s where I belong, in his arms, the place where I should be, the one I’ve been looking for my whole life through, where every path leads me too, where I found the other half of my soul, the fulfillment of my every wish, my every dream. ~ 

It’s nothing short of magical, better than any soup on a cold night, better than choco chip cookies or pizza or burger or coffee (and I’m a super duper coffee fan, mind you lol) 

I even forgot that people are watching, and it’s raining lol i could’ve fallen asleep in his arm right there if he did not moved 😂 

Everything turned out to be just perfect. 

(well, until we rode the taxi and i saw myself in the mirror, I look like an alien and predator hybrid with my runny make up, but thanks to the dim interior of the car he seemed not noticed 😂😂😂, sorry to sound obsessed with my appearance, it’s just so funny how I applied powder 3 times, lipstick 4 times during the course of waiting, only to let him see me looking like a washed out, pale starving vampire😂)

And I assure you there’s more. I’m excited and very happy to share about our amazing adventures together on the next post, so stay tuned!

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

Kiss someone you love today and hold their hand every chance you get. Seize every moment. 

Amor Vincit Omnia. 

let love conquer you x 


your island girl
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my dearest R, 

I know deep in my soul you’re there, somewhere across the thousands of miles away even before I had the idea of what a romantic love is, in my childish notions and imaginings. And I’m glad i’ve waited for you, as only as a love as special and magical as ours deserved to be waited for. I must admit you shattered all my imaginings and my fantasies, all my expectations, my thoughts… because what we have is far more than profound and meaningful than I could ever define, than what all the books i’ve read said, than all my researches. 

I love you. 

yours, infinities😘


E is for Enchanted

If you still believe in magic,
you’re subject to enchantment.
– Toba Beta


~ And the moonbeams passed through the leaves of the old tree, the night is exceptionally quite except for the October breeze parting the grass. The field looks endless against the dark horizon and filled with moving shadows against the bluish silvery hue of the bright moon above.

A bird sleeping on a branch flapped its wings, it’s eyes a flicker of green.

A tiny yellow flower swayed …

The moon is dimmer as a cloud passed by.
Then a sudden swirling flutter of colors overshadows the gray and everything came alive.

They come out to play in this night of nights, when the thin thread between the enchanted smoke of imagination’s fire and reality completely vanished.

Their feet touched the ground.  gossamer wings  against the silvery light,  hand in hand,  swirling, until the edge of dawn, clothed in enchanted mist. They catch the first rays of sun and gifted the flowers with it.  (It’s why all the blooms got their colors. )

That’s how I imagined fairies on Midsummer Night.  And so off we glide and dance and sung… only this time we chased sunlight instead of moonlight, in the middle of an ordinary life.


Our DIY costumes was supposedly to be used for a costumed gala at work, but the activity was cancelled the last minutes (heartbreak ensues). Fairy wings and wand and magic ready but no party? No problem.  One wave of our wand, boopety bappety boo…  we’re set and off we go… sprinkling sparkling glitter along the path.

So here’s me and my etherial company:

The Nature Fairy ( The Guardian of Trees and Animals) She finds lost animals, cuddles orphans,  heals trees and plants after storms and help farmers have bountiful harvest)



The Dream Fairy (She’s the Granter of Wishes and Fulfiller of Dreams) She saves babies tears in a dream jar and sent it to the stars to create destiny’s thread.



The Shadow Fairy (The Worst fairy in the realm, she was once a white fairy but was cursed by her sister when she fall in love with a mortal. ) She has the power of fire.



The Glimmer Fairy (The sister of Shadow Fairy.) She’s a solitary enchanter and only comes out on full moon and  Hallow’s Eve. She can change weather patterns and calm the sea to prevent disasters. 😂


On our way to a conference (yes, faeries do work too. 😂)


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May your wishes and dreams come true in sparkle of hope, a dash of happiness and heartful of love and faith!

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all. – Walt Disney

Have an enchanted, magical or creepy, spooktacular crazy scary Halloween, Everyone! ! 👹👻👾💀👿

(P. S The Enchantress Series to be continued on the next post. 😁)


Your Island Girl



“I know what you want. It is very stupid of you, but you shall have your way, and it will bring you to sorrow, my pretty princess. ” – The Sea Witch, Hans Christian Andersen,  LITTLE MERMAID

Fairytales are made up by same stuff that compose our dreams, or nightmares, sometimes. It is where imaginations best manifest itself. But when we look closely and lift the mist that separates fantasy from reality, you’ll see that imagination is ,after all, a figment of our own reality.

The world is a very dark place. Everyday we are bombarded by news about  criminalities, war, disasters, and death. But it’s also full of beauty,  happiness, hope, kindness and love, above all. So like all the fairytales we had grew up with.

When i was young, my late Lola (my mother’s mother) used to tell me and my cousins a lot of bedtime stories.Tales about beautiful maidens waiting for their long lost true love by the sea, of a man  led by an old hag to the cave full of treasures only to be tricked and  sacrificed to dragons, about the endless journey of a boat to the end of the world in a quest to find heart of gold,  of mermaids pulling down sailors to to their kingdom deep down the sea, to deep dark abyss, about how flowers bloom everytime a new born cries, and my favorite, the little candle’s soul flying up the skies to bring your wishes to heaven on your birthday.

I can’t remember the full  details of these stories now, I was always disappointed when a seemingly perfect story were ruined by chance, or choice, destiny or plain evillness in the story, so I tried to persuade my lola to change it the way I want  and go for a different ending. But she will always refuse, telling me that things always happen far from what we expect, and that we just can’t simply change it to accommodate our will most of the time, but we have the choice to fight and survive the challenge. She will then explain why a particular detail affected the ending, why the maiden should have boarded the third  boat that came, instead of spending her life waiting or a prince that will never come back.the point, I think is all about a better judgement on this one.

My lola’s family is from a long line of healers and their beliefs in the keeper of the lands, Anito, the fairies and the unseen, were passed deeper and deeper down each generation along with their abilities to explain the “inexplainable”. Though my grandma is a devout Catholic, she also believed in the superstitions and old wives tales. Like all the old dwellers in the island where i grew  up, she won’t pass old trees in the forest without asking permission to the unseen Inhabitants lurking near.

The first batch of newly harvested Mais (corn) is often grilled so the guardians of the crops will enjoy it’ essence too. As a witness to all these tribute to supernatural, (although I haven’t seen any winged creatures waving a wand  personally) , I always have respect for those who believe in the old ways.

Through all these stories, i had my first glimpse of reality. That sometimes we have to experience pain, like the little mermaid, not just to learn, but to feel life and love.

I can say that i have learned so much, sometimes, the hard way.

Of all the fond memories of my childhood, story-telling nights with my lola always  brings bittersweet tears. I miss her.

And as I’ve learned from all those tales under the silvery glow of the moon, life is full of road that seems to lead nowhere, of trickery, of darkness waiting to close in to you at your most vulnerable.

You may not be the ideal princess, but you  have fought and won real battles against nasty witches, beast and dragons, and still trying to survive to find  the trail out of this world’s wilderness everyday.

I know not all the frogs you’ve found in the past did not changed into handsome princes, or that they never came back (some were regular trolls haha) but i hope that at least you have found some true hearts made of gold along the way, as i had, from my real-life fairy godmothers who believed in me, and saw the real princess beneath all the  rags.

Paint all your reality with colors of happiness, and make every waking hours full with glitters of hope. It doesn’t matter what the world expect from you. Write your own story,  find your own path, create your on  backdrop,and save some space in your heart for those who are  yet to come in your life.

Good rainy afternoon from Palawan!



1541344 (1)

Weddings are my favorites of all other life events (except, maybe, my exes’ nuptials. Because they always forget to send me invites haha) . It’s wonderful, and it reminds me of all the promises, hope and dreams this life has to offer.

It’s like seeing a wish come true right before your eyes.  Like something ethereal unfolding in the periphery of your vision that you don’t want to blink. Maybe because not everyone has been given a perfect gift such as finding true love … 

I was at my officemate’s eldest sister’s wedding the day before yesterday. And it’s perfect, in every way. I can describe the gown detail by delicious details and it’s weaved from a piece of fantasy we all see whenever ourselves walking to the altar, but all I hear at the moment are the smallest details that affirmed the bound between the two of them.


It’s obvious that they are meant to be together. It’s on the way the groom’s eyes lights up when the bride stepped inside the church, in his ecstatic  “Yes, I do” and the radiance of the bride’s smile  that tells the world what they see in each other’s soul.  Like no one in this world has the power to break that spell and no power between pen and paper can accurately ever describe, not without breaking the magic that encapsulate the moment.

When I was younger, I always see myself married at 26. In my mind back then, walking down the aisle is the sweetest, most grand happy ending to a fairytale. That dream deadline was 3 years ago, and I’m still unmarried at 29. Not that I’m complaining. Nope. well, maybe. lol

Though there’s a certain advantage to being “unattached” and “free” at this  age where you have the freedom of choice, ready to bring your life to “another” more settled level, after having survived the challenge of youth, the craziness of  college, the joy of earning your first salary, and the responsibility and expectations of mid-20’s, i won’t mind reserving a table for two on Valentine’s Day and other occasions, and having someone to fight with over who gets the last fries on movie nights. 

Truly, love is a many splendored thing.  And fate has always a way of breaking your expectations, by giving you more than what you expect, more than what you wish for, more than what you dream of. 

That’s why love stories don’t have deadlines. It’s timeless. It’s eternal. Infinite.

And if you think you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, it’s because destiny is busy writing the best love story for you, to quote my friend/mentor Ate Kai. 

“Sapagkat ang tunay na pag-ibig kailanman ay hindi nabibigo.” (True love never fails.)