Pre-Halloween Ootds

Earlier today at Corong-corong Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. 

A touch of  bright color on gloomy day from Saturday afternoon stroll

Chillaxing before the spooks come out later 😂;)😯:?😱


Happy Halloween, my lovely peeps! Don’t let the zombie eat ya brains 😝


Salty Hugs And Sandy Kisses at 30 (Fun in Nacpan)


Capping off my birthday week with a 2-day beach romp with my classmates, then i “found” this eden of a spot.

Twin Beach is located in Calitang about 25 minutes from the world-famous town of El Nido, province of Palawan, Philippines.

We rode a motorcycle at 8am from Barangay Bucana traversing rough and dusty partly cemented roads. The day promised clear skies and summery breeze, so there are vans and vehicles going the same way, perhaps to shake the previously concluded election tensions and dip their toes on the cold blue waters.


We passed by dry rice fields and solitary houses just beginning to stir. My excitement begun to infurl when we reached the little dirt road leading to our destination.

The fact that the place is becoming the newest tourist destination didn’t seemed to have affected the oblivious residents as the houses was simple, made of amacan and nipa, except for a few restaurants offering simple cuisines, ice cold beer and fruit shakes.

The beach was lined by huts that can be rented at Php300 for whole day activities. There is no wifi connection where we stayed, and you have to bring extra phone batteries or power banks as the place have no electricity and relies only on a generator set.

I immediately whisked my phone and took a customary beach shot; blue skies, white sand, blue green sea, a bit of a mountain and little island in the background and of course, coconut trees. 😆

We settled down, took out the foods and run like kids towards the water, hardly feeling the hot sands on our sole.


Calm and peace envelop me as the salty water embraced me. And i immediately regret not getting one of those waterproof phone case. I also left the selfie stick at home. 😥


Me, my classmates Nelz and Chie

After a quick lunch, we headed towards a small hill where the two beaches are visible, braving the sun, talking about our the other beach we raided the other day (but that will be on entirely different post). Lol

The view at the top(every angle is more beautiful than the next) took my breath away i promised myself i will have a good camera within this lifetime, not that the view needs more pixels to make it more perfect.








And perfect it was. I wonder why no one has ever think of proposing there yet or maybe have their wedding at the top (hint hint for you people). Just let me know and maybe i’ll help keep other people away (for a while) while you blindfold her, and drag her to the hills just so she’ll be awestruck she’ll have no other choice but say yes. Haha

~ I’m getting the feel of this thirty thing. i feel more open about adventures, body positivity and still looking forward to each sunrise, of whatever tomorrow will bring. I hope i’ll see you all there. 😉

Keep safe, lovely peeps. ♡

Here’s me at 30.


Sandy hugs and salty kisses from my island province. Xxx💋


Dancing in the sand, Rolling with the wind

Nature is always an unfailing mountain of inspiration. To calm your mind, go for a walk at dawn in the park, or watch the dew on a rose in a garden. Lie on the ground and gaze up into the sky, and let your mind expand into its spaciousness. Let the sky outside awaken a sky inside your mind. Stand by a stream and mingle your mind with its rushing; become one with its ceaseless sound. Sit by a waterfall and let its healing laughter purify your spirit. Walk on a beach and take the sea wind full and sweet against your face. Celebrate and use the beauty of moonlight to poise your mind. Sit by a lake or in a garden and, breathing quietly, let your mind fall silent as the moon comes up majestically and slowly in the cloudless night. ” ~ Glimpse After Glimpse (Daily Reflections on Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche

My sister and I spent Sunday afternoon at the beach. About 1o-minute walk from the house, the area is surrounded by coconut trees and isolated except for a few teenagers living nearby taking some old coconut to be used for cooking lunch. We passed by the No Trespassing Sign and greeted the old caretaker cleaning and clearing some weeds near the path. He nodded at us.

The cold touch of the sea on my feet did not do anything to encourage me further, so I took out a book i bought about a month ago at the shop selling used books at very low prices, from my battered bag and decided to lay down beside a washed-out log. Halfway through page 33 (I’ve been reading the book for 3 weeks now) when I felt something ticklish on my left foot. Turned out a gray crab was digging very closed. He frozed when I moved. So I slowly turned to the other side to give him more room on his archeologic venture. I hope he discover some roman villa under the sand there.

Distracted, I put down the book and stared at the vast blue sky and soft cotton clouds slowly moving away. I tried to form shapes as my bestie NiNi and I always do during some leisure time at the field outside work.

But I guessed my cloud-shape reader was turned off. Or maybe the clouds just have no time to entertain me as they continued to move away with the wind. My thoughts drifted along. I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes, the blue above me seems a little bit darker, and the water was a little farther away.

I looked for the crab. But he never got out of the hole again.

I drunked in the quietness. Some thoughts nagged at the back of my mind but I tried to focus my thoughts on the swaying of the leaves. Some images passed by, but I refused to give in.

I won.

For 2 minutes. Then I remember I didn’t had lunch. And pictures of corned beef with potatoes and egg (My favorite) came back. And as if on cue, my stomach grumbled rather very audibly. 😂😁:mrgreen::D


Here's my #ootd. The skirt was recycled by me and originally intended for a fairy costume party, but it was cancelled.


Me, trying to act as if this is a stolen shot hehe

I hope you (had or) are having a good Sunday.

Go live some.

Carpe Diem!

~ your Island Girl