The Moon To My Sun

“🎶 I wake up to your sunset
And it’s driving me mad, 🎶
I miss you so bad🎵
And my heart, heart, heart is so jet-lagged🎼
Heart, heart, heart is so jet-lagged… 🎶” ⏰🔐⏳✈🌞🌛🌄🌇🌍🌐👄



I love you sweetheart, in every second of everyday 😘

(Don’t forget lunch.  Dreaming of you on witching hour 👄)





Early evening here and i’m huddled in the corner listening to intensity of wind outside, and the deafening sound of rain through the roof, the light on my phone the only thing that that is bright in this stormy early evening. 

The power was cut off earlier but it came back so I was able to charge my phone and messaged Lovey (still sleeping),  but it has gone off before I had the chance to charge my tiny power bank, so my phone is now running on an 68% charge.


Wind Chime knocked out by the intensity of the wind

(Note to self: get a bigger-capacity powerbank. ASAP)

Ahh, and what makes this worst is I forgot to get some snacks earlier.  Stormy night makes me want to build blanket port, hide there and pig out on snacks 😄😂:D.

Yaaaayyyy! No rain! So I better move fast and get some mosquito repellent before it starts again! *running outside*brb!!!

Kaleidoscope World


Rays of sunset passed through the branches of mangroves at Bucana, El Nido, Palawan.

*Taken with Fish Eye lens for mobile phone

~May your sunsets be as beautiful as you and that night always favor the path to your dreams, so that all your tomorrow becomes a beautiful reality. ~☆


Your Island Girl

(Good Morning Houston!!!
: Cleaning day today, Baby. Laundry and dishes too. Lol
i love you, my awesome dream come true! Xoxo💋)



When you found someone with the same kind of crazy 😂

Why do I love thee? There’s so many ways and there’s infinity to count.  Maybe it’s the way you come up with outrageous flavor for my lipstick (millipede and salmon),  or the way you created super weird burp-inducing fictional food , or the way you laugh with me and notice little details in messenger stickers.

Conversation always flows with you. From walk to park with Fred,  food and it’s components, (i’ve never been so interested about sorbet and gelato), to a bit of politics, effective stain removers, to exchanging videos of hilarious stuff, watching unicorns f*rt rainbows.  You always make my heart smile, baby boy.

The way you see things in my perspective, like when you say how good the papercraft will be at shop,  twirling,  just like how I envision it would be.

And that annoyingly cute same exact messages at the same time.

When I asked you if you like my choker and you agreed whole-heartedly and swear it’s beautiful,  not knowing what choker actually is. Coming up with a perfect praise for my blouse design  when I pointed it out.  😂😂😂

Remember when we installed Between,  and we spend the better half of an hour looking at the sticker of egg-like blob on the tiny tub,  it’s feet wiggling,  we discussed it like it’s the most special thing.

I can’t remember the exact moment I fall for you. Coz I can’t remember a single moment i’m not in love with you.


To someone in Houston, in a house with trees in front lol
Good Morning,  Lovey!  💋💋💋 please don’t forget to get some heavy cream for pralines, chocolate chips for fudge,  peanut butter and bread starter.  You said yesterday you need those to make sweets today.  But first,  lemon bars.  Lol

Loving you from more than
8,000 miles away… H
P. S Please take some water when you go to park.  😘

P. S. S I saw my messenger  notification,  but i’m on here.  😜

P. S. S. S  you need to tidy things for tomorrow (Wednesday)



Hello Everyone!!! we’re having a stormy week here in my little island, but I hope you’re all having super fun summer and catching sun rays everywhere,  or at least trying to dance in the rain if you’re having erratic weather like we have here. Lol *joyful emoji*


With tattoo choker re-emerging into the fashion world straight from the 90’s, gracing celebrity necks everywhere,  I was inspired to make my own version from scraps earlier (rain makes slow days at shop)

But first let me mention that I got the basic black version yesterday from El Nido,  which I upgraded with a  little heart pendant.

I’ve been saving the little heart, which was originally  attached to a fancy nail clipper,  after my sister gave it to me a few months ago knowing that i’m a sucker for cute and quirky little pieces. 😁


But on to the lace one,

While browsing through images in Google,  I was inspired by the lace tattoo chokers.  They’re gorgeous and adds an edge to  simple tops or put a rad vibe on summer outfit,  also as an interesting piece to anchor color mismatch get-up.

So,  with rain raging outside,  I tried to dig in on my closet and find the rest of cloth scraps left from my dreamcatcher-making madness days. Ha ha yes,  it’s right to conclude now that i’m not only creative,  i’m also a hoarder.  The worst kind.  Lol

Anyway I found an old tattered piece of lace cloth with the most perfect design i was hoping for. 


I carefully detached the flowery detail using the tip of a cutter.

Luck of all luck,  I also found a cute little button to serve as “lock” for the re-purposed flower design.

Sew it on the other end,  and create a small hole on the other.



My basic tattoo choker,  now with heart pendant and my new purple flowery lace choker! *happy dance* ready to rock despite the rain.  Lol very happy heart emoji.  💓💓💓


For a badass chick look,  try it with wine-shade lippy. 

Carle Diem! ☆♡


Your Island Girl 💋

Dreaming On A Midsummer Night


It’s past midnight here in my little corner of the world and i’m still laying awake listening to the sound of rain from the roof. Lightning and thunder breaks the midnight black skies as everyone,  (except me) are oblivious to the world, dreaming of dreams, sleeping this short summer solstice night away.

They said that summer solstice are powerful, and you can float small boats to grant the wishes of whoever will find it or to bless the lands. It is also a very magical time for love and romance, for couple to formalize their relationship and for singles to find their destiny.

Many rituals are connected to this event going back to the time of druids, all with intentions to bring out the power of love and light, just like the glistening rays of the sun.

Personally, i like the mystery, the magic of tonight, but most especially the love part. I stared at the moon tonight, sitting outside the house earlier, i took a moment to close my eyes and sent a little wish for someone 8772 miles away. I should’ve made a little boat to sail instead with hope that it will cross the distance and grant his wishes…and bring him to me.

But i know my prayers are stronger than that boat could be.

Amor vincit omnia. Love conquers all. Even the distance. Soon.

☆☆☆ Make today and everyday an opportunity to love. In it’s truest, most profound sense.  Life is too short for your feelings be unheard. Say it loud.☆☆ ☆

☆☆☆ Set your soul free, to where it will take you, to all the wonderful things ahead waiting to happen. ☆☆☆

☆☆☆ Re-start your goals, your dreams, your life…today. Forget the mistakes of the past, let go of all your uncertainties, and let the light of the moon cleanse your spirit. Tomorrow is a clean slate, write a better story. ☆☆☆

Happy Summer Solstice, lovable peeps!

(To my R, Infinity and all the lifetimes ahead, and the next. Love you so, summer solstice or not. 💋)


Your Island Girl

(Time check: 02:35am)

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