Disastrous Cooking 101

Guess who’s creating a huge mess in the kitchen, knows she’s only probably wasting all the precious ingredients but doggedly wants to finish it so  she can have dinner at 10pm? 😂 me! 

the recipe is nothing complicated. Just simple custard which i intend to surprise mama with (since she’s staying in El Nido most of the time now) at tomorrow’s trip. 

What looks so simple on Google and You Tube tutorial turned out to be delicate process lol and i’m getting nervous by seconds now 😂 but determined to see it done (disaster or not). 

Lesson learned: If you’re trying your hand on some cooking, the best way to start is not 8pm 😂

What the tutorial said is basically to mix 12 egg yolks with condensed and evaporated milk. Put it in a pan with sugar (for caramel) in it, then steam for 30 minutes. 

The result i’m waiting for right now is mix to harden (well, maybe have the appareance of  “cooked” 😂😂😂
Wish me luck!!! 
I’m gonna post the end result maybe in about an hour. If not, maybe at 4am (jk). I hope not, i’m super hungry the raw egg and milk mix is looking delicious now 😀

Be back in a few…! 

UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! UPDATE!!! (After two days!!! Sorry, connection, as always, was slow)

(Lol first imperfect LECHE FLAN! It’s supposed to be really smooth like this 👇👇👇

But i don’t mind. I ate the un-perfectness and, it actually taste super good! Or maybe i was just hungry lol )

My mistake is 1. ) i should’ve waited until the sugar melted into caramel-y like goodness before putting in the milk and egg yolk mix. 

Also, the 2. ) “frothy” soft top is because in included the egg white.

Like ze Bf said (he’s a very talented chef, btw) 😉 “patience is required.”. Mmm admittedly, that’s not one of the qualities i possessed but don’t tell him😂😂😂 . Next time i’ll listen 

This one ☝☝☝ i saved for mama and, SHE LOVED IT!!! said it’s perfect.  Lol that’s how i know she love me so much 😂. Apparently, mom’s have a very special tastebuds too, as to not offend their offsprings when they present a half cook egg and milk concoction on a Monday afternoon. 

What’s your most disastrous cooking episode? Tell me in the comments. Love to all your awesome beautiful moms!!! xoxox💓

Enjoy the first week of love month, my lovely peeps!!! Spread the love and keep the positivity going 💘💝💞💟🌞


Your Island Girl


(Hi baby!please get as much sleep as you can 😘 you deserved it! Love you! ~ H


Sunny With A Chance of Pizza


“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal. ~ Paulo Coelho

This has been a very long exciting day (compared to my routine “normal” days.)  It was divided into a lot of mini trips on the side in a bright sunny day at the back of a pick-up (work-related), watching the ongoing APEC summit (during lunch break and after-office hours) + one good deed (my first favorite part of the day).  Then it was all topped off by dinner with friends (which i considered as a kind of reward for myself and my second favorite). No wonder i feel exhausted but sleepless at midnight,  excitement is taking time to wear off. And my nerves aren’t what they used to be. 
I’m a huge fan of all easy, laid back and romantic cafes where you can just put up your feet,  let down your hair,  spend the after-office hours either alone reading a book and reflecting on your day or with friends chatting while sipping coffee or eating cakes and ice cream or munching pizza.

Speaking of pizza, there’s some good flavors and taste Puerto Princesa can offer for pizza lovers in settings where you can just let your stress and worries fade away, even for a while.

I always passed it but i’ve no idea how cozy the place was until yesterday, while dropping by to picked my officemate J waiting to buy pizza for work. She ordered cheesecake while waiting and offered Ate K and me a bite,  which for my unseasoned tastebud, taste more than excellent.😁 The occupants of the next table was just getting ready to leave,  and i wanted to take a snap of the attractive mess in their table as soon as they’re out of the door. I zoomed in on the green bottle containing water and the base with pink and yellow flower when something caught our attention: Iphone S6 just lying quietly and blending with the black and white tablecloth.

We rushed to the door and caught them just as they’re trying to flag down a tricycle and told them they forgot their phone on the table and got a triple thank you👼. 🙂 I hope they’ll never it again. Losing a phone is such a huge pain in the #$&@.😂


McCoy’s is located beside the national highway, Barangay San Miguel, right at the heart of the city, but once you get inside, the noise was drowned by the warmth of the place.  Though the place is small, the seats is so inviting you might just want to lay down and hugs the pillow on the corner. 



A variety of heavenly cakes are displayed on the glass case for Php90 per each thick delictable slices.





In keeping up with the laid back vibe of the place, the hand painted menu was hanged at the side of the counter while sauces, condiments and coffee cups were also on the nook under it.


We had Pitsang Sosyal at Php320 (18″)


Beefy and Mushroom at Php352


and Beefy Beef Php363


Beef and Mushroom has really lots of cheese and became my instant favorite, ( but i had maybe 3 slices of each,  just to be fair. ) 😂😁:mrgreen:😆:)😅;)

Busy days are good. Just don’t forget to take a breather after each one.

I hope you are having a good week. I’m off early to take my own advice above and maybe some cake too… hehe

Magandang Gabi!

Love, your Island Girl

For Wild Souls And Adventurous Palates

There’s food everywhere if you know where to look in Palawan and you don’t have to go far to find some to tease your taste buds, whether you are a seasoned traveller or a newbie adventurer.

Here i will take you to some secret corners, hidden gems, mysterious locations, exotic yet inexpensive
cuisines of this world-renowned tourist destinations you will not usually find in the tourist brochures. So next time you drop by here on your travels or decided to visit, you can find out for yourself.

So here’s my first entree’ for your wild palates to crave on:


Cooking is easy. The real challenge in preparing this dish is gathering shells from the shoreline. Sure you can buy it from the Puerto Princesa Old City Market but the excitement and experience of combing and finding it in the sand in the early morning is priceless.

Ginataang Sikad-sikad ( shells cooked in coconut milk) is a common local household dish among the communities in the shoreline barangays in Palawan.

To prepare, you need to clean the shells (if you have gathered it yourself, a brush well do), saute’ shells in garlic and onion then put in some water, let it boil for about 15 minutes and pour the coconut milk. Wait to simmer. Serve with rice. Pepper optional.

For cold weather, you can just prepare it without the coconut milk,  replace the onions and garlic with lots of ginger and you’ll have a seafood broth with a zest.


So what’s the craziest, wild or exotic foods you’ve tried so far?

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