Wear That Long Quirky Black Dress 

-Fashion Feature Saturday-

We all know that LBD (Little black Dress) always have the most fun at parties because it’s easy to wear and goes perfectly with heels (especially if it’s red),  add a swingy hem and you’re ready to dance the night away, a bit tighter and above the knee for that flirty vibe, scoop neckline for that formal look,  or if you’re letting out your full femme fatale persona, red lips with plunging neckline and gladiator sandals, along with smoky eyes. 

But how about that slightly baggy, long black dress,  with uneven hemline that looks like a leftover from the 80’s mad fashion designer rave from an aunt who  haven’t seen you in years and can’t decide between fashion and comfort when it comes to dressing her favorite niece? lol;  maybe a last minute shopping spree mistake;  or just your bohemian side manifesting.

Every long black dress is a story waiting to happen, so make it an exciting one. 

Long? check! quirky? check!

This one is from Mama’s trip in the city.  She said she think it suits me (I take that as compliment 😂)

The advantage of having a plain black dress is that it can go with almost anything, accessories and footwear-wise,  it is a blank palette to display your own style and personality.

So, for this dress I choose 1. ) the sturdy design of this NATASHA Mosaic sandal (GLADYS, php375) to compliment the swingy and playful texture of the dress without being overly girly for a laid back look. 

2. ) You’ll never go wrong with a matching outfit, plus nothing says Funky Chic than the metal studs of this NATASHA Mosaic Sandals (Beverly,  Php575).


Happy  Saturday, lovely peeps!!! 😘 remember,  if your mood can’t be improve instantly by red lipstick, there’s always thousands of other shades! 💄👓💄💄;) Keep the good vibes coming! 


Your Island Girl


(Hi Honeybear!if you’re awake and reading this, Good Morning!!!  What do you think goes better with the dress, Red or Dark Wine lipstick. Let me know after park! 😘 love ya, infinities! )


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