She’s beautiful
Outrageously, oherworldly

Her lips,
the color of deepest red

Bloody, crimson

Her hair, raven black with tinge of white
That seems to glow in the sun’s fading light

Her eyes, the color of lake on a cloudy day
Grey, green and blue

She’s beautiful
As beautiful as when is alive
As in her death
Yes, death
She’s dead.
Beside her an empty vial
Her crimson lips now turning into an ashen deathly pale

“Just a taste, Ishabylle…”
Just a taste…
She took the vial
It was warm against her palm
As if warning her
Gently tilting it

She drank the content
It was sweet
The taste of berries in winter
Before she knew it
The last drop was in her lips…

Suddenly it was not sweet anymore
It’s as seem she drank liquid raw fire
As if the devil’s hand itself is strangling her, the claw buried itself on her neck…

Her eyes open wide in surprise, gold flecks begun to appear in the iris…

She saw that face,
She would never forget it even im the throes of death…
” T…Thryion…w…why?
The sound of her own voice seema hallow
The words frozen in her enchanting lips as she try to hold her last breath…

“Because i love you…
He stared long and hard at the intertwined hands
Seeing the intricate rings there.

The blue and green rarestones blinks at him as his eyes filled with tears
Reminding him of the eyes of his beloved.

Memories flash before his mind
He tried to blok his mind
Shutting out the images away
But that was not before he had a glimpse

The rings, a lady smilung at him
Hugs, tears, a sweet perfume still lingers in his nostril as if it’s just yesterday

“Goodbye love…”
“My Sweet Angel…”

Tears begin to blur his visions
“…forgive me…
Though he refused to recognize the significance of the impact of the next word
It let out the thousand pictures into his mind’s eyes

The twin soulflame stones was given to them on their 12th nameday.
He heard again those words he refused to recognize a while ago…
Will you promise to look for him, Thryion?…promise me…

Promise me you never give in to darkness…

…it is within you…guard it…and don’t let your heart be decieved…guard it…sacrifice your heart if you must…but don’t let it control your soul…

“…i will, Drenah…i promise…”
He remembered the words as if he has just spoken it…

The promise

He closed his eyes. Willing the tears to come
His hands took the other vial…

“Goodbye, my sweet angel…”
“Goodbye, my darkness”

Love, your Island Girl

Image from Pixabay.Com



Hello.  I must admit I have a very erratic writing inspirations nowadays, hence, the erratic postings here, which I’m planning the make up to you soon. ( I know, I know… promises, promises) lol

Okey, here’s the pic of my beautiful hometown El Nido I snapped yesterday. I took this near the curve going to the cemetery.


Yes, I’m still in my hometown. For four months now, and counting. Am I going back to the city soon? I’m not sure. What certain is, the feel of cold wind, the sound of the surf against the shore at dawn and the green mountain sceneries have not failed to surprise and enchant me every day, yet.

To backtrack a bit, I took a few days Christmas break from work, took the last bus trip to my hometown at midnight. But the weeks stretched to months and before I knew it, it’s Chinese new year, and valentine’s day, and my friends birthdays and well, a lot of things have come to pass already. The only trip I’ve taken back is to pack my things from the little house I rented with my mom just outside the gates of my work. Just few bags of clothes and furniture and a bit of appliances.

Looking at it, I realized how little material things we’ve gained from almost 15 years of living, studying and working in the city, in comparison to what we gave up for it.  It’s not been easy. What we lack from worldly gains, we make up for experiences.

We’ll be all billionaires if only they’ll let us cash in on the things we’ve seen, heard and touched. heartbreak and tears and success and happiness will have the highest exchange rates I guess. I don’t know.

Two weeks away from my 30th birthday and here I am, sitting in, my shop, at the beginning of the week, on a bright sunny day, alone, with my chaotic thoughts. Where am I going? Am I going to look back at this moment few months from now with regrets for letting a lot of good opportunities passed by? What is the future have in store for me? What have I achieved so far in those 30 years?

When I was 14 years old, I always imagined myself happily married at thirty. I imagined a lot of happy moments. And part of that dream is being successful. It’s will be huge milestone for me.

Reality: my bucket list is still uncrossed. Lol well, except for that one time I’ve (sorry for the pun) crossed the hanging bridge (I’m afraid of heights). There’s definitely a message somewhere there.

No need to look back. Start counting forward. And never stop crossing bridges. Even if it’s rickety and swaying. And the river looks deep under.

Failures? Water under the bridge.

30 is the new awesome!

Should I change the name of the blog now? Nope.

True North is an elusive son of a bee. 😀

But no matter, let your heart be your compass and your faith, the guiding light, and hope is an eternal flame, keep it burning.



Your Island Girl