The day was clear, the wind a bit strong as we board the small canoe and navigated towards the larger part of the glistening river in the early noon.

Our small “baruto” (makeshift canoe) braved the strong undercurrent as we made our way to where the mangroves grow denser and greener. The sight captivated me. The feeling of something soothing my soul.

But all the feels vanished in the water as my boat companions (my teenage cousins and their friends) casually told me that there was a crocodile sighted swimming upstream during one of the storms and pointed a small clearing with dead twigs where the amphibian supposedly basked in the sun. The area is the only passageway being used by locals to travel by boat to nearby barangays, and though the noise of passing watercrafts, lots of fishing, crab culture and other human activities in the nearby community chased the possibility of an actual crocodile, i can’t help but felt a chill down my spine on the thought. I am trying to think of something to erase the pictures on my mind when  a sudden splash (probably fish) 😂 not far away from our canoe brought instant goosebumps. I tried to contain my runaway imagination made more active by tons of movies starring huge water creatures in the same setting. Lol

The wind picked and our “canoe captain” (my 13 year old cousin) told us that that we should turn back as the undercurrent got a bit stronger, our position against the counterflow.

I breathed a sigh of relief when we  head back,  only then my eyes started feasting again on the beauty of nature around me, with only the birds chirping, and the sound of oar hitting water. The vibrant colors of the sky against the green depth that sorrounded us caressing my mind, totally erasing any morbid thoughts of crocodiles. We proceeded into the open sea where i had a chance to take in photos of the shoreline while my boating buddies frolicked in the water.

Now, sitting at the small pier beside my aunt’s house, looking at the flickering light of boat signals across the river with the moon shining above, i feel like i am in a totally another world. Feel free to join me.

Love, your Island Girl


The Trip

(Spoiler: Due to super slow connection, this post is three weeks overdue đŸ˜‚)

Feeling drowsy and a bit dizzy at 2pm. Had a long trip the other night to spend  the holidays at my hometown. After 5 years, i am feeling a mixed of excitement, Anticipation and a bit of fear for what memories i may find left and waiting for me there(cheesey, i knowđŸ˜‚). I broke my eyeglasses as i hurriedly picked up my bags so the sceneries illuminated by a faint moonlight was a bit of blur for me, except for the flickering lights of houses decorated for christmas as we passed municipality by municipalities. The symbolism is not lost on my wandering thoughts which seeks to find only the light in the ever dizzying changes of the world.

But all the emotions was easily overruled by pure happiness and comforting thoughts seeing the majestic outline of limestone cliffs of El Nido from a distance.

We have to wait for transpo (motorcycle fitted with a side metal cargo container originally designed for transport of fish, rice and even live pigs to be delivered to town, now with a piece of wood to serve as seats). So, along with two containers of water, and fish storage ice chest (empty), we made our way into tree-lined streets, stretch of ricefields and tiny huts with smokes rising on the nipa roof, while carabaos chewing their lunch  seems the only moving things in the midst of the afternoon.

The landscape is as beautiful, serene and calm as i remembered it during the many trips i had while attending high school in town, but it seems quiter now that i live in the buzzing city. Few motorists nods at us and seems very eager to give way.

We reached my aunt’s house at 1pm, and just looking at the sea makes me feel warm, a deep sense of familiarity and comfort filled me. And then i am ready for lunch of a variety of fresh fish and steaming rice.

Took a quick shower and immediately fell into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up in the sounds of boats passing the river, while yellowish light of sunset  passed through the thin curtain. I look out the huge window and saw a boat passing under the high wooden bridge beside my aunt’s house. I can’t resist taking a picture and decided to climb and take some more at the top. But i was overwhelmed and felt lightheaded the higher i got. I’ve decided to give it a rest and just took in the surrounding.

(The connection is really slow but i hope i can upload more pictures soon.)

Love, your Island Girl