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and forget not that the earth delight to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ” -Khalil Gibran

So i’ve been neglecting my blogging duties for almost a month now.  And I missed writing as a creative outlet of sort for me.

I’ve previously wrote about some of Palawan and Puerto Princesa City’s “not-so-known” features you will not usually found on tourist brochures and travel magazines,  such as food,  places and unique stuff you can have to make your vacation more enjoyable and “out-of-the-beaten-path” and unique experience while staying in the province.

Though an island,  the possibilities are indeed endless and there’s always a lot of things waiting for those who wants to explore,  whether you are seasoned traveller or a newbie just trying your wings out in the vast world outside.  😄:D

Work sent me to Southern Palawan the past week,  the side of the island that is relatively more quite and not as popular in terms of tourist buzz compared to Northern Palawan where El Nido and San Vicente,  homes to whitest beaches, is located. Southern Palawan have it’s own charms and beauty that is as exciting and captivating on its own. 

It took us six hours to get to Bataraza,  the last municipality in the mainland of Palawan.  It was still dark and I slept for about half the trip and woke up to picturesque view of verdant mountains,  with white clouds hovering at the top and farmlands.
Bataraza is occupied predominantly by Muslim populace,  with majestic glittering turrets of mosque in the distance and fusion of interesting culture. Mining is the major industry which provides employment for nearby communities,  though farming and fishing is also common form of livelihood.

The food served at the Clubhouse inside the privately-owned compound where we stayed was good enough to replenish our energy from the trip.
Work was from 8am-5pm and we were free to roam the area. We had complimentary dinner of delicious seafoods from our hosts.  We took advantage of the free hours to see the area,  and I was fascinated by the streets named after minerals and precious stones. We also had a chance to visit the hangar and took a very quick selfie beside the small aircraft.
The next day was our last day and I was determined to stay awake during the trip back to make up and see the roadside.

We stopped at a little quaint pottery shop beside the road and purchased miniature vases from numerous handcrafted displays. It was a lot cheaper than the ones sold at the city,  and the owner also gave us a free one. 
All in all,  the trip was a refreshing change from my weekend routine and i’m looking forward to do it again,  minus the work part and more pleasure next time.  😄😁😄😅

I hope you all had a blast on the weekend.💕 

Feel free to drop by and tell me how you spent your Saturdays and Sundays.

(This post was long overdue as the internet was a bit crazy at home this past few days)

Carpe Diem!

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