Strangers of the Afternoon

I was sitting alone beside the second story window of the mall overlooking the parking lot as  i’m writing this while  eating clubhouse sandwich from La Patisserie, drinking young coconut shake, and reading a new book i bought at the BookSale Shop. My kind of weekend.


Shake, clubhouse sandwich and book 💕


As i look down outside, I was fascinated by  streams of people coming in and out of the mall, children munching and chatting happily. A family of 4, with the kids and dad talking while the mom was seem to be distracted, another was a group of seemingly excited and bouncy teenagers laughing while crossing the road, a picture of happy young lives just starting to discover the joy of the world, and some men and women hurrying off in their own different directions. All of them too oblivious that someone from the 2nd floor clear window is looking down at them, trying to guess what is the story behind their every smile and strides. They don’t know someone’s watching them, a little creepily. No wait, that’s me lol


And then there’s the cars. From practical to expensive. I wonder how long they’re going to sit in the parking lot and what their owner had brought from the store.

I am an avid people-watcher. They fascinate me. I love to make up conversations and scenarios in my mind. All of them have interesting lives, and always, always they have a happy home waiting for them. My favorite place to people-watch are transportation terminals and airports. I wonder what places the passengers had seen and what interesting events awaits for them further on their journey. And i wished for them fair winds and smooth roads wherever their fate may take them.

As i look back to resume my reading, i flip back the cover and contemplate on what’s written there…

“Where does our real future lie? After all, very few of us live longer than a hundred years. And after that there stretches the whole of eternity, unaccounted for…”
Glimpse After Glimpse: Daily Reflections on Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche

Where do you see you yourself in the future?

Do you believe in eternity?

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