Pitch Perfect 2 : The Aca-Awesome Sisterhood of Misfits Returns in High Notes


With the cameo appearance of no less than the US President Obama himself and his first lady, the comedic sisterhood of misfits Barden Bellas returns in wild notes of Aca-awesome song and dance routines, epic wardrobe malfunction, disastrous performances and a dash of comic odd couple romance.

Rebel Wilson shines throughout the movie as the hilarious blonde Fat Amy who initially captivated us in the first movie with her mermaid dancing and humor easily, overshadowing Bella leader Beca (Anna Kendrick).


The plot sets 3 years after the first movie and centers on the groups debacle after a failed performance which highlights Fat Amy dangling from the ceiling that led to an epic national wardrobe malfunction.

As a result, the group was  banned from competing in the World Championship in Copenhagen while at the same time having to face their own relationship with each other and their future after graduation.

In the process of regaining their “tune”, the story take on a slow “quite” moment wherein the new member of the group and legacy ask if anyone else wonders why they’re not singing, a sentiment shared by the audience.

Pitch Perfect 2 retains the familiarity of the first movie. All of the cast are back along with the addition of new competition, Das Sound Machine, composed by German Aca-powerful vocal chords whose dark aura adds a tone in contrast to the ever shiny and bubbly and brilliant disposition of Bellas.

There are also  “flat” moments in Bella’s final performance featuring “Flashlight” which bit dull considering how the opening musicals serves to help build this climax. Expectations fall short as the World Championship performance of the group failed to present more glitters to present a spectacular showcase that always marks climax. The feel good vibe of the scene was topped by surprise presence of previous generation of Bellas.

Pitch Perfect 2 is overall a witty entertaining watch and great reward on a Friday night after a long hard stressful week at work. Just what everyone of us hardworking people need to re-fuel another week!

Aca-excuse me while I line up to get another ticket.

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