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Weddings are my favorites of all other life events (except, maybe, my exes’ nuptials. Because they always forget to send me invites haha) . It’s wonderful, and it reminds me of all the promises, hope and dreams this life has to offer.

It’s like seeing a wish come true right before your eyes.  Like something ethereal unfolding in the periphery of your vision that you don’t want to blink. Maybe because not everyone has been given a perfect gift such as finding true love … 

I was at my officemate’s eldest sister’s wedding the day before yesterday. And it’s perfect, in every way. I can describe the gown detail by delicious details and it’s weaved from a piece of fantasy we all see whenever ourselves walking to the altar, but all I hear at the moment are the smallest details that affirmed the bound between the two of them.


It’s obvious that they are meant to be together. It’s on the way the groom’s eyes lights up when the bride stepped inside the church, in his ecstatic  “Yes, I do” and the radiance of the bride’s smile  that tells the world what they see in each other’s soul.  Like no one in this world has the power to break that spell and no power between pen and paper can accurately ever describe, not without breaking the magic that encapsulate the moment.

When I was younger, I always see myself married at 26. In my mind back then, walking down the aisle is the sweetest, most grand happy ending to a fairytale. That dream deadline was 3 years ago, and I’m still unmarried at 29. Not that I’m complaining. Nope. well, maybe. lol

Though there’s a certain advantage to being “unattached” and “free” at this  age where you have the freedom of choice, ready to bring your life to “another” more settled level, after having survived the challenge of youth, the craziness of  college, the joy of earning your first salary, and the responsibility and expectations of mid-20’s, i won’t mind reserving a table for two on Valentine’s Day and other occasions, and having someone to fight with over who gets the last fries on movie nights. 

Truly, love is a many splendored thing.  And fate has always a way of breaking your expectations, by giving you more than what you expect, more than what you wish for, more than what you dream of. 

That’s why love stories don’t have deadlines. It’s timeless. It’s eternal. Infinite.

And if you think you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, it’s because destiny is busy writing the best love story for you, to quote my friend/mentor Ate Kai. 

“Sapagkat ang tunay na pag-ibig kailanman ay hindi nabibigo.” (True love never fails.)



Of Lace, Heels and Steel (The Warrior Princesses lives!)



Thalestris – …and the Greeks fire arrows like weaklingsI actually prefer hand-to-hand combat

Once upon a time, hundred of years back when “gender equality” was just a very distant dream, women were voiceless shadows in all parts of the world. Our “rightful” place were deemed to be next to the hearth and in the kitchen, that even voting is unheard of, and a flash of legs are considered a crime, (which explains now the horrible dresses unshapely dresses)  . It could have continued, our destiny synonymous with what the patriarchal society perceive it to be. But thanks to our women forebears and ancestors who, in a moment of true bravery, simply raised and refused to be told what to do with their lives.

They showed who are meant to rule the world with their iron will, and steel determination (literally, sword, mace and arrows were made of steel, so I was told). They dared, they believe, they discovered, they defied stereotypes and forever changed history that win us the RIGHTS and freedom we have today and makes us all proud to be women.

And the story of struggles and battles of the past was forged by our fairer gender and it continues to fascinate and even haunt me from the perspective of today’s modern society.

As history richly told us, whoever said that hell hath no fury than a women scorned had experienced it at one time, for how he can rightfully say so, right? Boadecia, the first Queen of the 1st century AD Britain, sacked Roman cities as revenge, after its soldiers do her and her daughters injustices. She gathered the tribes around her kingdoms and marched, burned and pillaged until she exacted every ounce of revenge and her name was engraved in every Roman’s mind at the time.

I’d love to think sometime that, in a true badass fashion, she checked herself in the mirror while smoke raised from burned roman villa in the background. All the while thinking about that new strategy to celebrate her victory, never looking back into the dark past because she know her future lay nowhere but in her own hands.

4a31867b45a594adcbb073fc18e5bcc1History is sometimes written by winners, but victory are often forged by those who have followed their heart, conquered their weaknesses, and had the courage to try to make impossible possible against all odds.

Artemisia I of Caria is an ally to the Persians. A tactician, she participated in battle at sea against the Greeks in 480 BC and is known to be a great Naval Commander, letting the winds blow her long hair while standing at  the helm of her ship. Though there is no other information what become of her after the war, her audaciousness must have served as inspiration to all the sea-faring women of today.

My favorite, St Joan of Arc, commanded an entire army at the age of seventeen and lead her country into triumph, twice. Though her destiny included a sad end, her life is not wasted as she fought her valiant cause.  Her faith rightfully earned her a pedestal in the lines of today’s women heroes and is recognized in the catholic faith as a saint.

All other great women warriors found empires, commanded vast armies, and fought battles of worthy causes in the time when no one really believes in their strength and capabilities. They did not wasted time to convince their naysayers and instead showed everyone how it’s done.

In the modern times, we had Amelia Earhart, a free spirit who chartered the skies, and showed us that indeed, dreams knows no boundaries if we have the heart to it. Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Helen Keller and Florence Nightingale are only some of the names to remind us that no task are greater and unconquerable when we set our minds into it.

Today, we don’t need our own armies, we don’t need to be suppressed to let our inner strength out, and wars aren’t always fought in the battleground ground. Everyday, we have to deal issues of our own, in the office, at school, in our respective careers and even at home. The secret is to continue recognizing our own abilities and potentials to deal with even the not-so-possible sometimes.

Eleanor-Roosevelt-quote-550Whether you are a 24/7 on duty mom, or an 8/ 5 office girl,  we may never have arrows to shoot into the distant horizon now, and we certainly don’t need to ride horses, and map the seas in search of our true path in life but don’t let your sky-high heels now hinder your steps.  Let your inner warrior maidens out, conquer odds and have all the things that you deserve.

May the victory be yours! Remember, “To a Valiant Heart, Nothing is Impossible!” (That was a man’s quote, but whatever. Sounds cool, right?)

Happy Women’s Month to all the great women out there!


happiness-quotes-cover-photos-2Last week has been crazy for me, my stars must be really misaligned or terribly arranged in an unlucky line. First, I was sick that I have to take days off from work and stay in bed with only my books and tasteless soups. Second, I broke my phone and third, I wasn’t able to access my first WordPress Account for some reason, which saddened me terribly more than anything( more than the tastelessness of the soup).

The good news is… I survived! thank God, I am fully recovered, the sun is shining brightly again, I have a new phone and surprise! I have a new WordPress Account! *wink* and all is well in this world again! I am just so happy I’ll probably believe you if you tell me the unicorns are out to cavort in the field.

And it just felt so wonderful. The feeling of normalcy, of having everything in control.